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‘Try’ of the Week: Crumpets and Coffee

You know the drill. You get to work and have got up too late to grab some breakfast before you leave or didn’t have the energy to make something to eat ‘on the go’. How many times a week do you do this? I have to say over half of my week ends up this way and I either end up turning to the vending machine for chocolate or going without until lunchtime. Neither are good for us and I have been making a conscious effort this year to make a smoothie before leaving the flat to drink throughout the morning. For a treat or for when I want something more substantial, there is a new company in town.

crumpets and coffee 1


I was excited to be selected as a #Crumpetier by Crumpets and Coffee. They have come up with an innovative new postal service providing, not surprisingly, crumpets and coffee for your morning pick me up.

crumpets and coffee 2

The box arrives like this so is the perfect size to go through your letterbox. I had mine delivered to work so our receptionist very kindly left it on my desk. I was excited to see what it was like and wondered what was under the folded white cardboard down the centre of the package.

crumpets and coffee 3

Crumpets and Coffee want you to have as much as possible to make your breakfast so not only do you get your crumpets and coffee or tea, you also get wooden cutlery, butter, sugar and a napkin! All you need is a toaster, mug and a plate. I don’t actually order augmentin online have a toaster at work which is a bit of a pain but I brought my pack home and had them at weekend as a treat.

crumpets and coffee 4

The crumpets are actually quite flat which, I wasn’t sure about at first. I prefer a thicker and fluffier crumpet normally but the taste of these is great and they have a lovely moist buttery flavour. I always double toast my crumpets too but, with these being slightly flatter, they didn’t need it and were just fine with a single toasting on the highest toaster setting.
The chamomile tea was lovely and great quality, it gave a lovely fresh flavour. For you coffee drinkers you have a selection to choose from as well as other teas.

This box would normally cost £5 and there are other options including a ‘sweet’ box which gives you a high quality chocolate bar instead of the crumpets. I’d love to try the Irish Cream box which includes Irish cream flavoured coffee. I’m not a huge coffee fan but this sounds right up my street! This is more of a mid morning or afternoon treat and that’s what I love about Crumpets and Coffee. They are a fairly small company trying to find a gap in the postal box market and I, for one, think they have found one. I am a proud #crumpetier and am looking forward to trying more in the range.

What would you like to see in a postal box service? Have you tried Crumpets and Coffee?

This item was provided for review purposes.

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