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‘Try’ of the Week – Yo Sushi Masterclass #TweetSeatEat

Today sees the start of a new campaign from Manchester Arndale designed to help you ‘Get Your Eat On’. For the month of August you can take advantage of a number of discounts on various eateries within the Centre. This ranges from 20% off at bagel nash to a sushi school master class for just £30.

yo sushi

To celebrate the launch a bunch of foodie type bloggers were invited over to Yo Sushi for a sushi master class… I often talk about my lack of craft skills and intricate cooking sits in the same category for me. I love to experiment and try things (I didn’t create my ‘try of the week’ feature for nothing) so was more than happy to put the chef through his paces with a novice such as me.

yo sushi 1

Sous chef Lorance took my concerns in his stride and started the lesson with a talk about salmon and which parts are used for different varieties of sushi. I never knew there was a difference… salmon in sushi was salmon sushi to me. How wrong I was!

We moved on to the part of the class that I was most nervous about, making and rolling sushi. Armed with a wooden mat, sheets of nori and plastic gloves we were ready to take on our sushi challenge. Would we be sushi masters by the end of the evening?

yo sushi 5   yo sushi 2

We were shown how to make 4 different types of sushi; maki, California hand rolls, futomaki and masago gunkan by Lorance who was also accompanied by Shift Supervisor Charlie. The plastic gloves with a small dollop of mayonnaise were a lifesaver as it really stops the rice from sticking to your hands. Well lubed up; we rolled, squished and formed rice in nori like pro’s. I needn’t order cialis online have worried about being unable to do this either, it is really quite simple once you get into it and Charlie was on hand to offer further support where he saw people struggling or looking confused.

My favourite sushi of the night was the hand rolls… crab stick, avocado and rice wrapped in nori with a sprinkle of sesame seeds and a squish of mayonnaise. I thought mine looked ok too?

yo sushi 3


I was less impressed with my masago gunkan but the colour of the roe makes this look pretty enough. I’m just not a roe fan unfortunately.

yo sushi 4

There was so much food I had enough to take away and eat for my lunch the next day, a superb value evening that I am already planning on repeating for a friend’s birthday night out. If you like to eat sushi, get yourself down there in August to try it yourself. If you’re not up for the sushi master challenge, pop in for a meal. I’d never been to Yo Sushi before as I was always perplexed by the weird conveyor belt and looking stupid for not knowing what to do. It is really quite straight forward – you look what is there, pull off what you want, eat it and then you hand the bowls to your waiter who will then tot up your bill. Each of the little bowls is a different colour with indicates a different price for the meal.

get your eat on

I don’t know what I was so worried about… grab yourself a bargain now by either picking up vouchers in the Arndale or downloading them HERE. Don’t miss it!

We dined as guests of the restaurant. This has in no way affected my review which is an honest account of my dining experience.

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