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‘Try’ of the Week – Walkers Hoops and Crosses Review


I like crisps… but I am a sucker for kid’s versions which offer a lower calorie, slightly healthier alternative so was more than happy to help out Walkers when they asked if I would try a new range they have released.

Hoops and Crosses* are a wholegrain snack containing only 85 calories a bag, 2 reasons right there to give them a go! They come in 3 flavours including my absolute favourite, salt and vinegar. I very rarely go for crisps of any other flavour so was pleasantly intrigued to be sent some roast beef flavour from Walkers. Aside from beef monster munch and t bone steak flavour Roysters I have never been a huge fan. These bad boys are a mix of the two when it comes to flavour and have the same crunchy, flaky consistency of monster munch. The great part of this is that they are a lot smaller in size so I didn’t end up covered in crumbs like I always do when eating monster munch!

Walkers have aimed this brand very much towards children and a healthier alternative for their lunch boxes, but there are adults out there after the same kind of treat. I am certainly one of them so will certainly consider these next time I shop for lunch box fillers for work.


As well as some Hoops and Crosses Walkers also sent a friend to keep me company, he is called Monty and likes to play with his food. He really is a cheeky monkey, so cheeky he stole some of my hoops whilst I wasn’t looking!


Walkers sent these items for me to review on their behalf. My review is completely honest and reflects my true opinion of this product.

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  • Reply islay May 18, 2013 at 8:21 pm

    haha I got my mum to buy the salt and vinegar ones of these a few weeks back- I think it’s a fun idea, I want to try playing naughts and crosses with them!xx

    • Reply phatcupcake May 18, 2013 at 8:57 pm

      Ah, you should I bet it would be really fun! X

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