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‘Try’ of the Week: Clubbercise

If I had £1 for every time I have said to my friends ‘I wish there was an exercise class that is like a good night out where I could dance to all my favourite songs’ I’d be pretty well off. People rave about crossfit and spin but the idea of them seems very monotonous for me. I used to love the old step class I did which incorporated difficult foot moves to the latest chart tracks. I was okay at keeping up but found people around me regularly struggled and didn’t come back the following week. More recently I have seen this at Zumba where the steps are that fast, most people just ended up swaying on the spot. So what is the answer? Let me introduce it to you…


Clubbercise is a dance class with a difference…. you do it in a darkened room with club tracks and glow sticks. Yes, you heard me right, glow sticks!

clubbercise3The music is loud and includes club classics like ‘The Key, The Secret’ mingled with more recent hits like, my favourite, ‘Titanium’ by David Guetta. The moves are easy to pick up and repeated over the verse/chorus meaning you get to practice throughout the track. Like most aerobics classes there is a low and high impact option too so you can either go for it or build up to a harder workout.

I found the glow sticks really helped me concentrate on my arm movements too as I wanted to get the best effect from the lights. Oh and did I tell you, you can change the colour and pulse patterns on them too? I varied the patterns depending on the track that was playing!

It is so much fun and really doesn’t feel like exercise until you realise just how much you are sweating and aching at the end of it. No wonder L.A. celebrities are raving about it.


Charlie and I were invited to this class which was actually a trainers session. We were really disappointed to hear that there aren’t any fitness instructors teaching this in Manchester at the moment. There will be a class in Parrswood, Didsbury soon but it would be amazing to see a class in the City Centre. Do you teach fitness classes? Do you want a class in Manchester? Please get in touch with Claire HERE to register your interest. With enough people we can get this moving ourselves, and throw some wicked shapes in the process.

Who’s with me?

Thanks to Clubbercise for the photographs and the complimentary class we attended.

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  • Reply SamFernley@happyhomebird June 2, 2014 at 8:40 pm

    Oh this sounds brilliant. I live in Cheshire so not too far. Great idea.

  • Reply Chrissie June 3, 2014 at 2:49 pm

    Me! This is an awesome idea! Please, please if their are any instructors reading this we NEED one in the city centre!

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