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Review: Drop Dead Chocolates

I am a chocoholic, there is no other word to describe me really. Chocolate of any kind makes me happy but I am partial to a good quality truffle or two. So when this little beauty popped through my letterbox I was beyond thrilled. You read right, it came through my letterbox. No annoying ‘whilst you were out’ cards from Royal Mail or leaving with a neighbour to put on their scorching hot radiator. My chocolate box was the perfect size to slide right into my house without problem.

Drop Dead Chocolates have been supplying the hospitality world for over 20 years and decided it was time to spread the love and allow the retail market in on their decadent finds from suppliers in Belgium and the UK. They are keen to support local and do so where possible. On their website you will find a vast selection either already created for you in quirky hair colour options but the best thing with this site is that you can create your own box. Are you sick of those pesky caramels that you hate? Those coffee creams that are always thrown away 2-3 weeks after all the other chocolates have been eaten? Well not anymore, you order what you want not what you are given. Why hasn’t chocolate buying always been so easy?

choc box The box is excellent quality with a shiny snake skin effect and sleeve baring the logo to make it that bit more secure. You don’t want these babies falling out 😉

choc menu

I like that there is a menu, it lists all the chocolates available to order though so it is a hefty full side of A4… if there was a little piece of advice it would be to perhaps just include a menu for the chocolates included in the box. If someone had bought me a box of chocolates I, personally, would probably sit there and wish some of the others were included. And it would make the menu a bit sleeker, like everything else about these chocolates and packaging.

I wouldn’t be a chocolate lover if I didn’t mention each of the chocolates included in my box in turn…

choc champagneMost good quality chocolate boxes these days include a champagne truffle and this box is no different, what is different is the white chocolate casing instead of the standard milk. A lovely touch that makes it lighter in the mouth and allows the champagne to be the dominating flavour.

choc coffee

I’m not a coffee chocolate fan and was, at first, a little disappointed to see this in the box. How wrong I was! The coffee flavour is incredibly subtle and allows the beautiful praline to be the star of the show. I tried biting into this (lady-like, you know what I mean?) but the crisp dark chocolate shell doesn’t allow for that and this chocolate needs to be eaten in one go… surely a positive.

choc heartIf you select neapolitans (the chocolate on the right) you get a hefty 4, yes 4, per space. Fabulous! They are fabulous quality milk chocolate squares with just the right amount of ‘snap’ without being too dark. Beautiful. The chocolate on the left is a milk chocolate cream ganache but I am pretty sure there is a glug of some sort of liquor in there. Not enough to marr the flavour, far from it. It gives this a smooth finish and sets off the flavour of the milk chocolate perfectly.

choc marzipan

I’m a recent marzipan convert. Literally the past few weeks infact when a colleague was passing around stollen bites. I was pleased to see this marzipan encased in dark chocolate in my box. The marzipan is lovely and smooth so not grainy but does have some lovely almond pieces to munch into. A nice surprise.

choc rum

This rum chocolate mousse is probably my least favourite of the box, not that I don’t like it but it does taste a little granulated to me. This, I’m sure, is needed to balance the rum with the milk chocolate. Not being a big rum fan I’m sure this chocolate will appeal to some one else who is. There is a nice contrast with the cup being dark chocolate that just adds something else and a bit more depth.

choc whiskey

As well as rum I am not a whiskey fan either but Mr P is… I told him he could have 1, yes just 1, chocolate out of the box and he chose this one. It went in whole and I noticed the next day that there was only 1 of these little beauties left for me to try. His reason was I only needed to try 1 to review it and he knew I wouldn’t like it so thought he would save me the hassle of having to eat more. Hmm… that is a huge success for Mr P who is not a foodie in anyway. The ginger is perfect in this chocolate and works so well with the subtle whiskey flavours. Once again white chocolate is used to allow the whiskey to be the star of the show.

choc praline

And the best is last… simply called ‘milk chocolate smooth truffle’ this is chocolate is summed up best in that one word, smooth. Once you have bitten through the crisp milk chocolate shell the truffle centre just melts in the mouth. Incredibly smooth it has no bits, no granulated sugar, nothing but pure chocolate decadence. Amazing, I’d order a box just of these. They are amazing.

So that’s it! Give them a try and make sure you ask whatever questions you have. Drop Dead Chocolates are passionate about their products and more than happy to help you make your choices. I’ve had similar boxes from other, better known, chocolate providers and this is much better value. In fact, when I commented on this to the team, they said theirs weigh 25% more than other providers. 25% more chocolate for the same price of £24.50. Surely you can’t go wrong with that?

This item was provided for review purposes.

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