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Chocolarder Small Batch Chocolate from Cornwall

The biggest problem I have with eating healthier is trying to avoid chocolate. I have the world’s sweetest tooth and a stomach pocket that really can take an enormous amount of chocolate without knowing when to stop. Embarking on a predominantly sugar free diet is tough but, luckily for me, small amounts of dark chocolate are fine and should help keep me on the straight and narrow. Chocolarder contacted me a while ago and asked if I would like to try their Cornish chocolate, now how is a sweet toothed girl to say no?


Chocolarder produces chocolate from bean to bar using organic cocoa beans imported from single estate, family run plantations. They are one of the only companies to do this in the UK, producing stone ground chocolate from the beans then roasting, winnowing and grinding the beans for four days before leaving them to mature for thirty days.

This chocolate is then hand tempered and made into bars like the one you can see above. Being a lover of fine chocolate I noticed that most companies start with the hand tempering stage of this process so it is refreshing to discover a company who know exactly where their beans have come from and how they have been handled.

Chocolarder founder Mike Longman has turned his hand from Michelin star pastry chefing to foraging in the Cornish hedgerows to find local ingredients that can enhance the flavour of his unique chocolate.


I tried the Cornish honeycomb variety with retails at £3.95 a bar. The cocoa beans hail from Java and the honeycomb is traditionally produced from the honey gathered from bees who feast on the Lizard peninsula’s wild heather, gorse and clover. This gives the honeycomb a floral taste and a little really does go a long way, the honeycomb is lightly distributed in the chocolate bar so it enhances rather than dominates the flavour.

IMG_4184The chocolate is creamy and rich with toffee notes and a fudgey taste. This bar is 40% cocoa so not suitable for a clean lifestyle but Chocolarder also do a Peruvian and Dominican Republic dark variety. Both of which have a much higher cocoa content and would be perfect for those days when only chocolate will do.

At £3.95 a bar they are not cheap but to know exactly where your food comes from is one of the mantras of clean eating. This chocolate is sourced ethically with no added preservatives, bulking agents or substitutions. That’s worth a look surely?

You can buy Chocolarder online via their shop – http://www.chocolarder.com/shop

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