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Organised Travel With The Osprey Talia Backpack

Visiting Thailand and travelling to four different hotels in two weeks has made me realise that not all suitcase travel is good travel. I bought a holdall type thing as well with a handle and wheels, it was NOT suitable for purpose and I paid for it with hand blisters and a pulled shoulder on the first leg of my journey. My next trip to New York won’t be as difficult. I am staying with friends but am planning on travelling around a bit so smaller luggage will be fine, but I also need something for the hold to take back all my American purchases. This is where the Osprey Talia Backpack comes into play.

I tested the Osprey Talia Backpack on a recent weekend away to Leeds to see how comfortable it was. It has a unique kickstand that means the pack stands up on its own, meaning your not trying to hold it up when looking inside, and also means it sits nicely in the luggage compartment of the train. The Talia 30 (as pictured above) is specifically designed for women and is shaped for the female form so it sits so comfortable on the back with nothing to dig in.

This pack has so many compartments that it is great for either short term backpacking or weekend travel. The padded laptop sleeve at the back is suspended away from the body helping to keep it safe whilst accessible making it perfect for university work also. My first thought was how useful this would be for plane travel, I’m that annoying person who is always stood at security getting everything out of my bag that I had forgotten was in there. I’ll never forget the mortifying time when a security officer pulled out a miniature bottle of rum from the bottom of my handbag when boarding. I’d been given it the night before at an event and had totally forgot it was there. He laughed at the time and let me keep it but I’m sure he secretly thought I had a drinking problem!

Anyway, back to the Talia. The central compartment is perfect for fitting everything you need for a few nights away, with the next pocked being shallow and fleece lined ready for your sunglasses. I use this for my mobile and camera as these are the two things that I tend to need to reach for most often. They are usually at the bottom of my bag and by the time I’ve got them out, I’ve usually missed the opportunity I was trying to photograph. That will now be a thing of the past. The red hook is great for keys, another item that usually ends up at the bottom of my bag, and the vertical zip at the front of the pack reveals a deceptively roomy pocket which can fit a water bottle with ease.

The Talia 30 comes in four different colours and my pack is called Liquid Blue. As you can see it is more of a teal colour and I’m really pleased with the muted yet unique colour of it. It is sturdy and stable, perfect for my weekends away, hauling my books and laptop to university or setting off for a walk with the dog. I can see it getting mucky pretty soon!

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