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Move More With The Osprey Hikelite Pack

With my New York trip booked, I have really tried to gather my motivation to shed some lbs and, one of the best ways I have found to get back into fitness after a break, is walking. Having Ferguson means I always have a good excuse to put the walking boots on and hit the streets, now Osprey have added to the motivation with their fabulous Hikelite pack.

The Hikelite is a much smaller pack than my Talia, but with reason. It is designed to hold everything you need for a day in the hills whilst providing as much comfort as possible.

The suspended mesh panel at the back is perfect for when you are working up a sweat as it helps the moisture to move away from the body, avoiding that awkward wet patch that can form in the middle of your shoulders, it is not just me surely?

My favourite feature of the Hikelite pack is the rain cover which is detachable and slots neatly into a small pouch at the bottom of the bag. Because it is integrated, it fits the bag perfectly and is ideal for keeping things dry if you get stuck in a storm. The bag itself is big enough for a coat, to keep YOU dry in that storm and also any snacks you may need for your trip. The side pockets will hold a l litre bottle of water each and there is a handy poach inside the bag that holds a hydraulic reservoir, if that is how you prefer to hydrate during a hike.

It is a really light pack and comes in five different colours. I loved the Shiitake Mushroom pack I chose as the bright yellow accents mean I can’t be missed, which can only be a good thing should I get stuck in fog and need some help.

So far my pack has accompanied me on my return to the gym and on several longer walks with Ferguson. I can’t wait for the Spring weather to really hit so I can try scaling some hills and getting back to a decent level of fitness for the Summer months.

Who is with me?

Contains PR Samples 

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