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The Best Places To Eat In Las Vegas

Las Vegas has been covered briefly on my travel section before, as a place to break a New Year’s resolution (specifically to NOT get more sleep). It’s true that even more than New York City (the “city that never sleeps”), Las Vegas is a good place to go out and stay out all night. That said, it’s also a pretty good place to eat! Casinos, spas, and nightclubs aside, Vegas is home to a lot of the finest and most exciting restaurants in the continental U.S. So let’s take a look at some of the best of them.

Bazaar Meat by José Andrés

Located at SLS Hotel, this is one of the most commonly recommended restaurants in town, and one of many that’s operated at least in some capacity by a famous chef and restaurateur. The venue itself is something of an experience, complete with a raw bar and roaring wood cooking fires. But the real attraction is the meat on the menu, which happens to include authentic Kobe beef (some of the best steak you can find anywhere).


The truth is that there are a lot of excellent Japanese restaurants in Las Vegas and it’s difficult to pick one over the others. But Mizumi at the Wynn certainly has as good an argument as any for the top spot. Known for its dramatic setting (including outdoor seats and views of private hotel gardens and a waterfall), it serves a range of different Japanese preparations, all arranged on a pricey but delicious menu.

Joel Robuchon

Joel Robuchon is one of the most famous restaurateurs in the world, and has multiple establishments in Las Vegas. Eating at any of them is a treat, but his signature restaurant, directly named for him, is about as good as it gets with fine dining. Fusing French and Asian preparations, it’ll make you feel like you’re truly being served dishes by a world-class chef.

The Bally’s Buffet

The buffet at Bally’s, also known as the Sterling Brunch, is about as storied an eating experience as there is in Las Vegas. It’s been ranked among the best all-you-can-eat experiences for 30-plus years, thanks to a ludicrous spread of high-end preparations and ingredients. It’s a $90 brunch, which is no joke – but that price gets you bottomless champagne, top-notch seafood, and a whole lot else.


French, Asian, and Italian cuisine largely dominates the Vegas food scene, but at Picasso you can enjoy some Spanish flavors as well. Even more importantly though, this restaurant is located at the legendary Bellagio, and has patio seating that affords you a view of the resort’s iconic fountains. It’s a majestic setting, and one that heightens chef Julian Serrano’s menu.

CUT by Wolfgang Puck

We’ve mentioned a few major chefs and restaurateurs, but Wolfgang Puck may be the most famous. He has a few different places in Vegas, but CUT’s steak-focused menu is probably the best.

Bacchanal Buffet

The Bacchanal Buffet is another famous all-you-can-eat option on the Strip, and is located at Caesars Palace. It’s a little bit different than some other buffets in that it’s almost arranged as a sort of food court of kitchens. There are different stations preparing different kinds of cuisine dotted around the venue, ultimately serving hundreds of different dishes to guests.

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