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What Went In My Suitcase? The East America Edit

This post is a little different as I try and do a ‘travel essentials’ type post when going away so you can get some inspiration should you visit in the future. For my latest trip, it was all a little different. I stayed with friends for the most part and didn’t have a set plan of what I would do whilst there. With that in mind I packed some items that weren’t essential, but that were light and useful should the occasion arise. Let me tell you what I am talking about.

I knew I wouldn’t need beach wear for my East America adventure but I really wanted to try and book a day in a rooftop pool in New York or visit the beach at Coney Island so a swimsuit was a must. I am carrying a few extra lbs than I would like right now so a bikini was out of the question. These longer length swimsuits Halocline swimsuits from Simply Swim fitted the bill perfectly. They are true to size and are slightly longer in length, making them perfect if you have a longer body like me. They have a low leg too which ensures my bum is fully covered and the ruching detail makes me feel more confident around the tummy area. I love the patterns too, especially the cool leaf design of the lighter blue suit. They are fairly pricey at £45 each but they are so well made, it is worth it. I’ve been using the health suite at my local gym since returning from my trip and I feel so much more confident in these suits.

I’m not one to take loads of jewellery on holiday, more for the fact that I hate having to strip it all off when going through security at the airport! I knew I would be having some nights out in New York so packed these 2 bits to add a but of bling without the bulk. This gorgeous rose gold necklace is from Sacet and is delicate but also adds more of a statement for a night out. The pendant can either be worn like I have it above, like a perched butterfly, or it can be turned upwards like an abstract heart. It is so unique that, even in one of the biggest most diverse cities in the world, I still received lovely comments on it asking where it was from. My ring is from Pandora and I love how it looks like their stacking rings when it is, in fact, just one ring. It is currently on sale too and is only £75, reduced from £120!

Whilst I knew a trip to America would mean a mega shopping spree in Sephora, I heavily rely on a decent eyeliner and my last Kat Von D Tattoo Liner had dried up. Luckily for me, Flawless Lashes by Loreta sent me over their new Flawless Eyeliner and the packaging was so light that it slid right into my makeup bag without moving anything else. The liner was designed for people with eyelash extensions as, thanks to the fine tip, it is easy to get it close to the lash line without dragging or damaging eyelashes. I didn’t have eyelash extensions for this trip but I love that fine nib and the matte black colour of the liner. In the humid summer days of NYC, it didn’t budge and I wore it every day without fail.

Because I didn’t get eyelash extensions before travelling, I made sure I packed a few pairs of false eyelashes for nights out. These Esqido lashes are so soft, it’s insane. I love the length of the Little Black Lash lashes and they have a fairly thick band making them easy to apply although not so pliable, I needed a fairly strong eyelash glue to keep them in place all night! I love how they make an eye look pop so simply.

There you have it! Some random items that I packed on the off chance that I would need them on my East America adventure. I’ll tell you more about the trip itself soon!

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