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Fat Tony’s Arrives At Kosmonaut

Something I have always loved about Kosmonaut and found really innovative, is the way they open up their kitchen. Rather than having a ‘Kosmonaut’ menu, they have teamed up with food providers to offer a different style of dining. Until recently, Hip Hop Chip Shop had been in residence. They have now moved on to set up their own restaurant in Ancoats and Fat Tony’s have taken over.

The menu design reminds me of a vintage computer programme but I am not sure why? It is very retro anyway and adds something a little different to the Northern Quarter offering. The idea is a simple style of cooking using fresh and local ingredients, bringing out their best flavours to create some classic dishes.

There is also a new cocktail menu at Kosmonaut which, is always exciting. They have always been good at cocktails and nothing has changed in that department. The Rumbongo adds a cheeky adult spin to the sweet fruit juice I used to love as a kid. Rum, apple, pineapple and passionfruit is a fruity drink lovers dream whilst the Party Juice adds in a touch of fizz with Prosecco, gin, peach and passionfruit. Anyone who knows me will know this is the perfect drink for me and I’ll be back for several, I have no doubt.

Onto the food and we ordered the Chicken Burger which was a huge hit with my fussy friend. The buttermilk fried thigh meat was soft and juicy with lots of flavour that was enhanced by the drizzle of chicken gravy. You can’t beat a burger with gravy if you ask me! The accompanying winter slaw wasn’t really needed but was tasty all the same, light and crunchy.

I was devastated to hear they were out of cheese curds as I had looked forward to the Steak Poutine all day. They promised me they could still do it but with regular cheese, and THIS arrived. It is the biggest portion of poutine I have seen and wow, was it good. The chips are actually wedges, but they are well seasoned with fluffy middles so I have no complaints. There is a huge portion of medium cooked steak that is soft, smothered in a decadently rich gravy then studded with cheese. Obviously it would usually be curd and I’ve seen other people’s version that is covered in cheese. There wasn’t much in my portion but I think a lot of it had melted down into the gravy, where curd wouldn’t due to the chunkier pieces. Either way, it is a truly delicious dish and the perfect comfort food in this dull weather.

Kosmonaut still has that Northern Quarter buzz about it, that will never change. What I love is how they are moving with the times and offering something different. They don’t stand still and I will be visiting more for portions of poutine with my fizzy favourites. I’ll see you at the bar.

I was invited to dine as a guest of Kosmonaut and wasn’t asked to pay for my meal. 


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