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Reflecting On Planning in 2017 And How To Plan In 2018

2017 has been a year of planning for me. I will be forever grateful to Hello Day for their fabulous planner, which has really helped me to write a decent ‘to do’ list and plan my week so I don’t get to the end of it, missing out. Towards the middle of the year I started a bullet journal. A pretty bear dotted notebook by Dingbats and a bumper packet of Taotree pens later, I was hooked and making lists like a BOSS. Now we are speeding towards the end of 2017 (how did that happen?) and it is time to plan for 2018. I have decided to merge a diary type system with a ‘to do’ list style system. Here’s how.

In my day job, I manage my own appointments and my current electronic organising system needs a real boost. This 2018 Daily Diary by Moleskin is from Ryman has a page a day to help me plan out my work like a pro.

As a travel blogger, I love these two pages at the front of the diary. I can plan by date and then be a little more creative by colouring in and doodling on the map to show where I have been. I’ll be using the cute watermelon sticky notes to mark important dates in my diary and the current date, so I can speed to it with ease.

Whilst my beautiful Moleskin diary is great for day to day, I’ll still be using my bullet journal for ‘to do’ lists and to keep them for the future. I made a list of dog friendly places in Glasgow for my last blog post but I know I’ll visit again, so keeping this in my bullet journal means it is still close to hand for checking for future visits.

I have gotten myself into the habit of doing a weekend ‘to do’ list, including the menial things that I would do daily anyway. It gives me so much satisfaction to tick everything off my list over the weekend, to the point that I go back to work on a Monday filled with positivity. My bullet journal style is quite basic, but I try to keep it colourful and easy to read so I keep it neat. I do have a ruler and some pretty stamps but I find drawing in the lines can take SO long, I try and do things freehand.

The more I get into planning, the more creative I get. I can’t wait to start adding doodles to both my diary and bullet journal for 2018, how are you planning in the new year?

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