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When considering a new phone this time around I was adamant I wanted to move away from the iPhone. I’ve been an Apple girl for as long as I can remember but the dreadful battery life and constant ‘call failed’ messages when trying to have a conversation just got too much to bear.

Now with a three week road trip around the States and other travels in the planning to take into consideration it was time I thought about my mobile provider too. I’ve been stung by ridiculous roaming charges a few too many times to remember then I saw the amazing marketing campaign for Three‘s #HolidaySpam. With impeccable timing Three promised to let me use my minutes, calls and data allowance abroad, in the States. This seemed like such a no brainer considering I’ll be driving thousands of miles and already have an addiction to my Spotify account. Who needs CDs when you can stream your music straight into the car for free and not have to listen to the same album track over and over again?!

three 1 three

Having already made my mind up that Three were the provider for me the next task was to try and decide which handset I wanted. Having very little understanding of Android I asked several people and managed to narrow my choice down to either the Samsung S5 or the Sony Experia. Both are good looking phones. One, I’m told, has a better camera whilst the other has better sound. I’m still not entirely sure why I went for the better sound having whinged for ages about needing a decent camera in my phone but after an hour (yes a full hour) of deliberating in the shop I went with the Samsung.

I have to tell you I have not been remotely sorry by this decision. Even when I saw how pretty the new iPhone is. The size of the Samsung S5 is perfect for the amount of Twittering, Facebooking and blogging I do on a daily basis with the battery lasting three times as long as my old iPhone.

three 2

One of the main differences is getting used to Play Store rather than iTunes. I love that I don’t need to download a huge file to my laptop like iTunes and the amount of updates it seemed to need to work properly always took ages to download. That doesn’t happen with Play Store although I hadn’t really played with it much other than downloading the apps I use on a daily basis.

So when Three offered to send me a Google Play voucher to spend I jumped at the chance to fill my phone with weird and wonderful things I wouldn’t normally consider.

three 3

With my trip edging that much closer I thought I would try to download some things that would be useful on the 12 hour plane journey. Play Store is really easy to navigate with lists of the most popular free and paid for apps listed neatly. I love this idea as it meant I could browse what other people were downloading without having to search for something in particular.

Hitting the games first I was transported back to my youth when I saw The Sims 3 available. I was addicted to this game as a kid forever finding cheat codes to triple the amount of Simoleons I had earned to build bigger and better houses with the best gadgets available. Now I have it in palm sized form on the go!

I also spotted Facetune having seen it on Twitter a fair bit recently, who doesn’t want an app to enhance their selfie? This one will certainly come in handy on my trip as will Afterlight to enhance scenic photographs I snap on my travels.

Thinking about my waistline and how I’ll combat the giant American portion sizes I also spotted the Deliciously Ella app. I love this lady’s blog and I’ll be able to jump back into clean eating on my return with these yummy recipes.

Getting well into games and apps I then noticed that I can download magazines straight to my phone. How did I not know this before? As my Kindle is perfect for transporting hundreds of books around with me I can now do the same with magazines! Amazing for the traveller who is trying to pack light. They are not cheap and I don’t think I would buy them for my phone on a regular basis (I do love the glossy look and feel of a good quality magazine) but for going away, this is perfect. It’ll also mean I’ll have more room on my tray table for a glass of fizz and some snacks. So far I have gone for UK and US Cosmopolitan, Top Sante, Marie Claire, Women’s Fitness and Women’s Health. Imagine how much they would weigh in my hand luggage?

So there you have it. Within half an hour I had nearly spent my £25 voucher but I have had a good tour of the Google Play Store and what it can offer to me. There’s also movies, TV shows, music and books to get stuck into. Something tells me this isn’t the end of my Play Store journey and this makes me love Android even more. Apple who?!

What apps do you have that I simply need to download?

Thanks to Three for providing the Google Play voucher for the purpose of this review. I feel it important to point out that I was approached by the PR firm separately to me signing into a contract with Three. This was totally my choosing and I have paid full price for this service. My opinion of both the Three service and the Google Play voucher are honest and unbiased. May I take this opportunity to apologise for the #HolidaySpam and selfies I subject you to in the coming months.

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  • Reply Chrissie November 16, 2014 at 12:25 am

    If my bloke didn’t have a Mac, I would definatley conscider this. My mate is on Android and he’s really chuffed with it. iTunes is just sooo greedy for space!

    • Reply Keeley November 19, 2014 at 8:20 pm

      Greedy and expensive to add more storage! I’m loving my Samsung although the camera isn’t as good as I was led to believe which is a tad annoying.

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