Planning Ahead To 2017 With Hello Day Planner

I have always been a planner. Any holiday I research to extreme measures to make sure I don’t miss a sight, a taste or an experience. That all stopped in 2016 when my life didn’t go to plan. Within the space of 2 months I had moved my life into storage and lived out of a box at my parents, then completed a house sale, moved into said house, left my job and my gran died. Any one of these things, on its own, would have been a life changing event and probably on a list somewhere of the most stressful situations an individual can go through. Me? I did all of them and let me tell you, it knocked me for six. And not only did it knock me at the time, it affected the whole year for me, to the point that I have been the most disorganised person possible and can’t wait for it to be over.

Instead of wallowing in self pity, I am taking some time to plan 2017. I have taken a week off work in between Christmas and New Year as well as investing in my 2017 with the ultimate planner. Say hello to the Hello Day Planner.


Arriving in a beautiful box wrapped in tissue paper, the Hello Day daily planner screams luxury. There are two designs currently available. The Carrara is every blogger’s dream with a marble effect cover and gold binding. I decided to go for Smudge.

img_8370 img_8371

Smudge is a big planner and too big to pop into my handbag. I actually love this about it as it means I will spend that time to sit down with a brew first thing in the morning to plan out my day.

img_8373 img_8374

The first few pages of the planner explain how to get the best out of it including how to use the 10 Minute Accomplishments, how to use the monthly, weekly and daily planner pages as well as an introduction from Kirsten who designed the planner.


There are also handy tips on how to get organised and live a healthy lifestyle throughout the planner as well as a daily ‘top to do’ section and a tick box for each of your recommended daily glasses of water.

Kirsten recommends sitting down with the planner and adding important dates like birthdays but then revisiting on a weekly then a daily basis to stay on target with goals and encourage positivity as you tick off your ‘to do’ list and prioritise what is the most important each day.


Throughout the planner there are pages with positive messages that you can cut out and put on your wall. I am so motivated to make my 2017 a success, I just wish the planner started a week sooner so I could get going already!

At £46 they are not cheap but the thought, detail and finish is worth it and if you can’t invest in yourself, who can you invest in?Bring it on 2017, I am ready for you.

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