Top Five Tips For Perfect Roast Potatoes

I don’t cook Christmas dinner, ever. This is probably a good thing as I have always been really bad at making the perfect roast potatoes. I have even been guilty of buying pre made ones and heating them up to serve with my Sunday roast. Luckily my Mum is amazing at them and she makes Christmas dinner every year. I have been swotting up though and have found some tips that are really helping my roast potatoes go from poor to perfect!


Find the right potato

I think my biggest mistake has always been using generic white potatoes from the supermarket. I have found since swapping to either king edward or maris piper, I get a much fluffier potato with plenty of flavour, white potatoes tend to go a bit soggy and tasteless.


Shake shake shake!

Once you have parboiled your potatoes make sure you drain, put the lid on the pan and give them a rough shake around so they start to break up. They will look a bit damaged and bashed but trust me, this gives the best crunchy coating ever and the rough edges brown so much better than smooth ones.

Use the right fat

Many would say goose fat is best for getting the perfect roast spud but I prefer to use olive oil. It can stand up to high temperatures so your potatoes won’t soak up the fat and go soggy. It has a very subtle flavour as well that I think is perfectly complimented with just a dusting of salt and a crack of pepper.

It is also really important to make sure you dispose of your fat properly once your potatoes are ready. I once watched a programme about fat that has been poured into the drains via our sinks and it was harrowing how much cheap cymbalta canada damage the fat causes once it solidifies! United Utilities have discovered that the average North West household pour over 14lbs of fat down the drain each year which, once cold, solidifies and can cause major blockages to your pipes. United Utilities aren’t responsible for clearing this blockage and a lot of insurance policies don’t cover it either which could cause an expensive emergency bill over the festive period. United Utilities have lots of top tips on their website and are also running a competition where you could win £100 of food vouchers by sharing your best ‘Roastie Photie’. As if that wasn’t enough there is also a free festive e book of recipes you can download. Who doesn’t love a freebie at the most expensive time of year?

Enhance the crunch

If you want extra crunchy potatoes make sure you don’t leave your potatoes in water for too long and give them a dusting of either flour or semolina after they have been par boiled but before you put them in the hot fat. It helps to absorb some of the moisture so the fat can do its job crisping those bad boys up.

A dusting of flavour

A sprinkle of salt and a twist of pepper is all I used to use on my roast potatoes until my Mum introduced me to adding flavours. I always thought you needed plain roast potatoes with a roast dinner but that really isn’t the case and I find a blend of mixed herbs, garlic salt, paprika, salt and pepper works perfectly to give a tasty roastie every time.

Do you have any tips to add for the perfect potato?

In collaboration with United Utilities
Image is  of roast potatoes from Sandinista, not my own although I did take the image.  

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