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The New Grill Menu At Grill In The Park – Marriott Worsley Park Hotel Dining

The hotel restaurant and bar scene is growing in Manchester and I talked recently about my love of hotel bars within the City. I’ve tried a few restaurants on the outskirts of the City recently that I can’t wait to share with you, the first being the new grill menu at Grill In The Park, which is the restaurant within the Marriott Worsley Park.

The restaurant has undergone a full refurbishment recently with additional dining and a warm, inviting new style throughout which, is relaxed, cosy and natural. It is a great space to meet friends for drink or for a quick bite, whether you are staying at the hotel or not.

The new menu focuses on a grill style with a twist, including the traditional ribs and wings style additions you would expect, but also some great sharers and more classic dishes such as fish & chips or fajitas.

roast chorizo sausage with garlic mayonnaise buttermilk chicken with bbq sauce

We ordered the Chorizo and Buttermilk Chicken in a Basket to start and decided to share them. The chorizo was served on a slice of warm bread alongside a generous pot of a particularly spiky garlic mayonnaise. The oils from the chorizo soaked into the bread, the way I love it at tapas restaurants.

The buttermilk chicken was lightly seasoned with a crispy coating. The barbecue sauce also had a light kick to bring out the flavours of the coating. Both starters were a good start to the evening.

ribs and wings with fries and slaw at worsley park lamb with kale and mash at worsley park tenderstem broccoli with chilli and garlic at worsley park

When it came to the mains my friend chose a classic grill option with the Ribs and Wings whilst I chose the Lamb. We ordered a side of the Tenderstem Broccoli to share, in a bid to get a bit more green stuff into our diet! The ribs and wings is a massive portion and even my friend, who has the biggest appetite, struggled to finish it. The ribs had clearly been cooked slow as the meat fell away from the bone with the gentlest nudge, the wings had a spicy peri peri marinade that was finger licking good, literally. The classic grill sides of slaw and fries were also good.

My lamb was soft and, whilst not pink as requested, it was soft and rich in flavour. The mash was buttery and creamy with a good amount of garlic to compliment the buttery kale. I am a huge kale fan and this totally reminded me to add it back onto my regular shopping list for adding to my meals. The broccoli was still firm and the addition of chilli was perfect for a touch of heat that was not over the top.

warm cookie with melted ice cream at worsley park cheese board at worsley park

Despite being stuffed, we ordered dessert and loosened our waistbands… my friend chose the Cookie Dough and I opted for the Cheese Board. Unfortunately nothing really stood out for me and that was a real surprise where dessert menus are concerned!

The cookie dough was more along the lines of gooey, just cooked cookies topped with a scoop of ice cream that melts to make them even more gooey. It was rich, decadent and ridiculously filling. I think it was supposed to be served with caramel ice cream but this was served with vanilla. Not a huge issue, and an improvement if you ask me, but still it is worth checking with the restaurant when you order. The cheese board was okay. I guess it is hard to review a cheese board but I will say the local cheeses were a lovely addition. I would have liked some better quality crackers and a touch more spice to the chutney. That said, I was so full I wouldn’t have been able to manage much of it anyway!

The new space is huge and I love that, even when busy, you don’t feel like you are on top of other diners. The noise levels were also good without having to shout over other diners to hear your guest. The hotel has always been a lovely space and now the restaurant stands up to that in more ways than one. I’m disappointed Worsley Park is so difficult to get to on public transport but, the next time I book a night away, I will definitely consider the Marriott Worsley Park, so I can use the restaurant again.

I was invited to dine as a guest of Grill in the Park and was not asked to pay. The first image belongs to the restaurant.

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