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Summer Collection With Hotel Chocolat

The change of seasons is always a brilliant time in the world of food and drink, unfortunately for chocolatiers people tend to err away from chocolate treats other than the frozen variety in summer, let’s face it melting chocolate can be a nightmare. Hotel Chocolat are keen to keep you eating the sweet stuff this summer with their new collection.


I am a huge advocate of making sure you don’t miss out and the Summer Collection, priced at £35 is the perfect selection to either treat a loved one or yourself this summer. Packed with goodies that scream summer I am sure you won’t be disappointed.


The Chocs-To-Chill H Box contains a selection of chocolates that have been designed to be served straight from the fridge. I thought this was a bit of a fad when I read it but they really do taste better from the fridge and somehow, being chilled helps the flavours develop better. My absolute favourite is the grapefruit G&T which really showcases the care and quality of the Hotel Chocolat range. The flavour builds beautifully with the tang of grapefruit quickly followed by a real hit of gin, I am hooked and really need Hotel Chocolat to bring this out in a box of its own.


The Creamed Caramel Puddles have been a favourite of mine for a long time and they are the perfect edition to this collection. Like giant chocolate buttons they have a smooth aftertaste of caramel despite the puddles being solid chocolate. The Secret Raspberry is a summer fruit sensation in the mouth going through three phases to keep you on your toes. Starting with passion fruit, developing into raspberry and ending with a heavy hit of cocoa, this is really different to anything I have tried before.


The Raspberry and Caramel Lick is like a chocolate lollipop for grown ups! The same caramel chocolate of the puddles is matched with a tangy raspberry chocolate complete with freeze dried pieces of raspberry that gives it a bite. The Cherry Jubilee Selectors have a lovely smooth white praline with an added crunch from small nibs of wafer and a tangy later of sour cherry truffle. They are really interesting and it is a good job there are six of them in the collection because you will definitely need to try more than one.


Last but definitely not least is my favourite thing from Hotel Chocolat. The Mini Champagne Truffles are bite sized meaning you can have more than one without feeling guilty! The genuine taste of champagne encased in a thick chocolate shell means they don’t melt into a gooey mess quickly and no summer should be complete without a bit of fizz.

I am sure you will agree that this is a great selection for £35, a lot of chocolate for your money and excellent chocolates at that. I would say it is great to share after a BBQ feast but then that would mean sharing and, I’m sorry, but I don’t share truffles. Especially not champagne ones.

You can buy the Summer Collection in store or online.

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