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Spice Up Your BBQ With Encona Sauces

I feel like a real fraud talking about barbecues with the weather the way it is today! That said, it may be colder than normal, but Manchester is dry and Encona Sauces are offering a level of heat that should warm up even the chilliest of summer evenings.

You may have seen these beauties pop up in your supermarket, in fact, I always have a bottle of their sweet chilli sauce in my fridge but never knew the story behind the brand. Forming in 1946, Encona have been around for quite some time now! They used to sell Caribbean grocery products when West Indians first began to arrive in the UK. Their iconic square bottle is a symbol of the brand that is trusted, not only by the Caribbean community of old, but a wider audience, looking to add a dash of flavour and a punch of spice to their meals.

With a trip to Thailand booked, I knew the Thai sauces would be perfect for me. The Sweet Chilli Sauce, as I have already mentioned, has been a staple in my kitchen for some time. Trying to eat healthy can make things bland but the gentle heat and light sweetness this sauce adds, gives loads of flavour without adding a heap of calories to a meal. The Chilli & Garlic Sauce is lower in calories and has less sugar, so now I am aware of it I am going through it by the bucketload! Inspired by the hot sauce recipe from Si Racha, Thailand, Encona also add garlic which tones down the heat somewhat to give a more aromatic flavour for a unique flavour I’ve not tried in another brand.

I also love the Chilli & Garlic Sauce as a marinade. I’m not going to post a recipe for this because I literally marinated chicken in the sauce then popped them on the BBQ. When cooked I sandwiched them between a Harissa Flatbread from Deli Kitchen and added another glug of Chilli & Garlic sauce with a sprinkle of cheese. A filling and quick dinner!

The latest sauce to be released is a special one, but not for the feint hearted. The Carolina Reaper Chilli Sauce uses the hottest chilli known to man, blended with herbs and tomato to create a tasty, rich sauce with a bloody big kick of spice. I use the tiniest amount in place of hot sauce in my bolognaise now for a touch of heat yet I’ve not been brave enough to try it on its own. If you are, why not try your own hot wing challenge?

Have you tried Encona Sauces?

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