Solita Prestwich – First Impressions

Being a huge fan of Solita (I wrote about the opening of the Didsbury restaurant here and you can also read some stuff about the owners/concept over there) you won’t be surprised to hear that I was desperate to get through the doors of the new Prestwich site. I’ve closely followed the developments on Twitter where the old Aumbry and Bombay sites were merged into one, it sounds like it was a nightmare and the whole renovation took a lot longer than planned. That said Solita owner Franco is not one to give up or to open when things aren’t perfect, so along to the soft launch I went with Charlie.

I wasn’t going to write anything about it, I tweeted all night about how amazing the venue is, how great the food is, etc. Then I decided I wanted to when I had very few photographs to show for it, so I’m sorry for that. The good news is it means you need to go if only to see the amazing Marvel comic book ceiling designed by Bolton company Neon Creations and Manchester graffiti artist Russel Mehan. There is the familiar sight of Stan Chow’s illustrations dotted around the walls as well as historic images of Prestwich to keep things local.


The inka grill installed means your meat is cooked to absolute perfection (as you can see above) and, if you live this side of the City, you don’t need to navigate your way into Town for a cracking steak.

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The chefs at Solita like to wrap stuff in bacon and I, for one, am not complaining. The bacon wrapped onion rings are a side dish but no matter how big a main course you order, I’d suggest you try them. Crispy salty bacon around sweet onion rings, I’m halfway to my car to go and get some just thinking about it. The bacon wrapped cheesy dough balls starter was my favourite and has overtaken their deep fried mac and cheese balls to this crown. I don’t know what it is but bacon just makes everything better.


For dessert I had rum baba. Well you know I love rum so this was an absolute no brainer. Franco tells me the chefs are not a fan of these as they need soaking in rum for hours but it is well worth it if you ask me. Mine was a little dry in the centre, more rum needed, but the flavour was incredible and no matter how full I was, I was finishing this before I left. Rum i n cake, what’s not to love?

The new Prestwich site is light, bright and airy with a real ‘village’ feel you won’t really get at the Manchester or Didsbury site. There is a downstairs waiting area that you can hit for a quick drink whilst you wait and the rear of the restaurant has the best view of the kitchen where you can watch the magic happen.

Considering we visited during the soft launch period I was impressed with how polished everything was already. Just a few weeks in the staff were efficient and friendly, the food cooked beautifully, everything working like clockwork. Well done team and I can’t wait to see what the next site in Barton Arcade brings.

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  • Reply Helen September 28, 2015 at 10:58 am

    Ooh Solita! It’s been a while since I ate there (what with me being in London!) but each time I’ve been I’ve loved it.

    Great to hear that the latest opening is doing well and HELL YES bacon with everything! 🙂

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