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Restaurant Review – Neighbourhood, Spinningfields

Things have changed at Neighbourhood. Once loud and ‘club like’ atmosphere has given way to a more relaxed and elegant dining space where celebrities and us normal folk can co-exist. I popped in a few weeks ago to see the menu was worth it and up to its clientele.

The restaurant has recently undergone some renovation and is light yet bright with beautiful lighting. The bar area is still sectioned off from the restaurant which I love, and you can dine from 12pm right through until 11pm with a series of menus offering brunch, lunch and dinner options. We visited a week day evening so see how the dinner menu shaped up.

I kicked things off with a Scottish Lemonade which is a fresh and fruity mix of Hendricks Gin, rose liqueur, lemon, grenadine and lemonade. It was the perfect aperitif for the evening whilst I perused the menu. I was very tempted by the sushi selection and have heard nothing but good things about it but unfortunately the other delights of the menu won me over.

My friend chose the Chicken Lollipops and I was expecting drumsticks of some kind. What arrived were mouthfuls of soft chicken from a buttermilk marinade with a creamy filling that reminded me of, a much more upmarket, chicken kiev. At £8 it is a little steep for such a small dish but the flavours are worth it.

I chose something a little different with the Short Rib Tacos and that wasn’t what I was expecting either! Maple glazed short rib piled atop a soft taco with Asian slaw and a zesty yet creamy dressing gave every texture you could want and the sweet, slightly spicy and zesty flavours all worked well together.

For his main my friend chose the Fillet Steak with chips and chimmichurri which I felt was reasonably priced at £24.95. The steak was seasoned well and cooked as requested. The chimmichurri was a bit chunky for my liking but it was flavoured well with a good kick of garlic and herbs.

I chose perfectly with the Cod. Stacked beautifully was a pile of sweet cheap cialis buy online beans with spicy chorizo, soft and meaty cod with chunky slices of chorizo topped with a slightly sour and salty padron pepper. Individually the elements of the dish were done well but together they also worked for a rounded dish that I will definitely be ordering again.

Dessert is where the decision making process really got hard. Normally there are only 2-3 things I fancy on a menu despite having a really sweet tooth but this one, I could have eaten them all. I will definitely return for the box of donuts which I am told are fabulous, but I really was full so it was something a little lighter for me on this occasion.

My friend wasn’t really of the same idea and chose his favourite kind of cream cake, a Chocolate Eclair, which he had seen arrive at the table next to us and declared there was no way he would not be ordering one. Despite its size the pastry was light, the filling creamy but not heavy, and the chocolate glaze not too sweet. Let’s put it this way, I got the tiniest corner before it had disappeared off the plate so it certainly went down well.

I chose the Warm Cookies and Honeyed Milk which was just that! The milk had been frothed the way a good cappuccino would be so was thick and creamy with a sweetness from the honey. The chocolate chip cookies were rich and the milk coated them beautifully without making them soggy. The ultimate comfort dessert and something I haven’t seen on a menu before, well done Neighbourhood!

The service was impeccable with friendly staff who weren’t over the top offering their advice on the menu, the music levels were slightly higher than I would normally like in a restaurant but the cheesy pop mix made that completely ok. We had a thoroughly good time and I will be back soon for more of that dessert menu, Knickerbocker Glory anyone?

I was invited to dine as a guest of Neighbourhood and was not asked to pay for my meal. 


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