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Restaurant Review – Micker Brook, Cheadle

When I was invited to review the Micker Brook in Cheadle, I was really excited. Not because it is a fine dining restaurant or anything, but because I have spent most of my life living in Cheadle and have seen the Micker Brook change hands so many times in its time. Situated on Councillor Lane in between Cheadle and Cheadle Hulme, the Micker Brook used to be a Crown Carvery but has since been taken over by the Stonehouse Restaurant Group. I popped in midweek to see what has changed and what Stonehouse is all about.

The interior has been given a fresh lick of paint, there is new artwork on the walls, but otherwise the restaurant hasn’t changed that much. It is a large space, perfect for the area which is very residential and the menu is really low priced with lots of options that should satisfy the whole family.

We chose the Sharer to start and it took around 30 minutes to arrive. Now the restaurant may be a vast space but there were only three other tables occupied during our visit, I felt this was an unreasonable length of time to wait and we also noticed there were elements of our Sharer missing, such as the mac and cheese balls. When we asked about them, we were told they had run out and did we want something else. To be honest the amount of food we had been presented with was more than enough, I was just disappointed that it wasn’t mentioned until we asked.

The dough balls with separate garlic butter dip were soft and the dip has a really garlicky punch. The chicken wings were a little on the stingy side and overcooked so the meat had gone very dry. The fried onion petals needed a little longer in the fryer and for the oil to be a little hotter as they were soggy and a little too crunchy on the inside. I did enjoy the nachos buy cymbalta without a perscription though with a well seasoned topping of guacamole and sour cream. The salsa was far too sweet with no heat whatsoever, which was a shame.

My friend chose a Pepperoni Pizza which was freshly made with a generous topping of slightly spicy pepperoni. The base was thin and crispy without being overdone so a thumbs up all around. The Steak and Ale Pie was part of the carvery menu so is served as a slice of pie on its own, you are then free to chose potatoes and vegetables from the carvery buffet. I actually really like this idea as you can choose vegetables and potatoes based on your preference, rather than what comes with a dish. Unfortunately my whole dish had been sat under the heat lamps for too long. There was a skin on the exposed areas of my pie filling and the pastry was very dry. The vegetables were overdone and soggy yet the chips were nice and fluffy.

Unfortunately dessert wasn’t much better and the Syrup Sponge Pudding was incredibly hot, as if it had been in the microwave. The custard had a thin layer of skin, which is a real bugbear of mine, and was overly sweet. The Rocky Road Sundae had different textures from chewy brownie, to crunchy shortbread pieces which was a nice touch but the ice cream was fairly bland and tasteless, something that is usually fairly simple to get right.

The food is cheap at Micker Brook and it is on a main road with some major estates surrounding it making it the perfect place for families. For me, the food isn’t really up to par, even at the low price point. Slow service, simple mistakes, hopefully both are easily rectified which would make it a firm family favourite. I really hope to say different in the future.

I was invited to dine at Micker Brook as a guest and was not asked to pay. 

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