Restaurant Review: Fazenda, Spinningfields

When I tell people I have yet to visit Bem Brasil in Manchester they are always shocked. One of my favourite restaurants in Tenerife is Churrasqueria Rodeo which operates along very similar lines. Meat served on large knives, all you can eat ‘sides’ and a card to turn on the table when you are full. I still haven’t been and have heard both positive and negative reviews. One place I thought I would give a go this week is Fazenda. I’d heard good things so was excited to see what they were all about and if they were different to my favourite Tenerife based bbq.


The décor is very different my favourite Tenerife restaurant. Dark, opulent and dimly lit with beautiful candle style chandeliers. The restaurant is much bigger inside than it looks from the Spinningfields street and it could be any time of day, I quite like that about it.


The restaurant was fairly empty when we arrived and we were seated quickly with some pretty nibbles that were beautifully spiced. Once our drinks had arrived we decided to hit the salad bar.

IMG_5348 IMG_5349 IMG_5352 IMG_5353 IMG_5354 IMG_5355

This is where Fazenda excelled beyond my expectations. I was expecting some salad, some chips and maybe some pasta salads. What we were greeted with was a vast array of fresh salad and pasta yes, but also a selection of sauces, sushi, cheeses and deep fried snacks. There was also a selection of bread and hot sides such as rice and green beans in a béchamel sauce.


Trying my best to stick to the eating plan I chose salad based sides and some of the green beans which tasted fresh with a light sauce.

IMG_5363-001 IMG_5360

You use the red and green buy augmentin duo forte cards to identify whether you want meat or not. I mean when the man comes dressed like this with a knife this large are you really going to refuse? We visited at lunch time when the full menu isn’t available but there was still some great options and the picanha (cap of rump) was a firm favourite for both me and my friend. Served very rare we had been asked when seated if it was ok to serve the meat this way. I thought this was a lovely touch.


We enjoyed the gammon which was served with hot pineapple. The meat was soft and delicate whilst the pineapple lightly glazed to add a sweetness. Just lovely.


The chicken was a little dry but the skin was lovely and crisp. I also enjoyed the linguica (sausage) although my friend found it a strange choice. I liked that it was different to regular sausage with cured beef adding a different flavour.

We visited on a week day lunch when it costs £17.30 a head but this does go up on evenings and weekends. You are rewarded for this though with different cuts of meat and more adventurous options such as chicken hearts and black pudding. This made a refreshing change to restaurants who just choose to increase their prices because they expect to be busier.

The service in Fazenda was perfect. The meat arrived at the table in a steady fashion so we weren’t over faced and drinks were replenished as required. If you are pottering around Spinningfields and very hungry I’d give them a go, I’ll be back soon.

We dined as guests of Fazenda and were not asked to pay for our meal.

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