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Restaurant Review – Byron, Corn Exchange

You may remember me writing about Byron before. Their Bunzilla special was a favourite, and I have visited their Corn Exchange restaurant a few times when out and about in Manchester. They invited me back to tell you more about their menu and its newest addition, The Cheese.

The Corn Exchange is still one of my favourite buildings in Manchester and I adore the development that has moved lots of restaurants into the beautiful listed building. Byron occupies a spot with a glass rear, the front facing into the Corn Exchange itself. They celebrate their 10th birthday this year and, to celebrate, they are bringing back six of their best specials. There is a rumour that the Bunzilla is making a comeback so I’ll be keeping my eyes out for more of that bad boy!

While we studied the menu in great detail, we looked into some Tortilla Chips that arrived with salsa and guacamole. I have a love/hate relationship with guacamole and it needs to be really garlicky, with a good kick of salt. This one ticks both of those boxes and the salsa has a nice level of heat to compliment it well.

Still undecided we ordered some Chicken Nuggets, which usually comes with BBQ sauce but we also ordered the chipotle mayonnaise. The chunks of chicken have a well seasoned crunchy coating and the chipotle mayo was the better pairing for me, it really is spicy but with that ‘can’t stop dipping’ moreishness about it. Once the nuggets were long gone, we kept hold of the dips for our mains.

The Byron buns are specially made for the chain and have a squishiness that you won’t find anywhere else. They melt in the mouth making the contents the star of show, although that can make them difficult to eat as the buns have a tendency to start to disintegrate.

The patties are served pink and juicy for more squish, as you can see in the Double Bacon Cheese above. Gooey cheese, crispy bacon and two soft beef patties makes a tall burger that is sure to satisfy most burger lovers.

The Cheese is a real hit although particularly difficult to eat thanks to all the runny cheese sliding around! The shredded iceberg lettuce adds a crunch and the Byron cheese is slightly richer than the regular cheese for a bit of something different.

When it comes to sides, we ordered far too many, in fact I took half of them home for lunch the next day. The Bacon Cheese Fries didn’t last long with their rich beer cheese style sauce and salty bacon dotted across the top. The Courgette Fries are one of my favourite things ever at Byron for their crunchy coating and light courgette centre. Usually I find these too salty but these are just right. Paired with the blue cheese sauce, they are a meal in themselves and I would totally pop in just for these. The Onion Rings are super crunchy with sweet onion on the inside whilst the Coleslaw has just the right amount of mayonnaise to bind it without saturating the crisp raw vegetables.

We told ourselves that we were far too full for dessert, and then the staff MADE us order a freakshake. They are the worst influence! We succumbed to the Reese’s option which arrived as a super thick shake with vanilla ice cream, brownie, whipped cream and chocolate with the richest peanut butter flavour ever. There were lots of smashed Reece’s peanut butter cups throughout and, even though I was full to the brim, I just couldn’t stop picking at it.

We left with the diet well out of the window, doggie bag in hand and peanut butter in our hearts. On my return for the Bunzilla, those courgette fries with blue cheese sauce will be difficult to ignore.

I was invited to dine as a guest of Byron and was not asked to pay. 

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  • Reply Chrissie July 21, 2017 at 8:40 pm

    Corgette fries with blue cheese sauce sounds amazing. I love it when places make an effort to be creative with their veggie options. That freak shake OMG! I’ve had burgers with soft buns before and so much sloppy topping there method to eating it properly has totally alluded me. Now I get that trend for open laid out burgers, ha!

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