Restaurant Review – 6/Cut Pizza, Monton

I love writing my blog. I know there are people out there that don’t like bloggers or agree with what we do but I’ve been fortunate to find some amazing places that I would have never known existed if I didn’t write this. One of those places was a recent find for me, 6/Cut Pizza in Monton. I used to date a lad who lived in Monton and always really liked the village. It’s always been that bit too far away to return to until the people behind 6/Cut got in touch and asked if I wanted to go in and review.


6/Cut Pizza is on the main street running through Monton village with these impressive lights at the entrance where you wander up the stairs to the main restaurant area. It is simple and open with pretty artwork on the walls and plain wooden tables throughout. I love ‘no fuss’ and that is the best way I can think of to describe the decor here.

IMG_6344 IMG_6345 IMG_6347

It would have been easy to jump right into the pizzas. 6/Cut Pizza promise proper sourdough bases and this is something, of which, I am a fan. I managed to restrain myself and I shared the Grill and BBQ Board with my friend to start. The special fried chicken was surprisingly good with juicy chicken encased in a lightly spiced and crunchy coating. So often this is dry and uninviting but not here. The Moroccan lamb koftas were also good with enough spice to add some heat but not mask the softer, more aromatic flavours. The BBQ pulled pork was a hefty portion yet needed a bit more of a kick for me, it was a little bland as was the chipotle slaw. It was really fresh with crunchy fresh vegetables but a bit more heat was needed. The sweet potato fries were more like wedges but not in a bad way, soft and sweet with a crispy outer. They were really generic of augmentin good and I’d definitely recommend them.

IMG_6360My friend chose the healthier option and went for the steak from the specials board with potato wedges and a salad. When he ordered it blue I was a bit worries. Only a really good quality piece of meat can get away with being blue for me and I was concerned somewhere that specialised in pizza may not be able to pull it off. Oh how wrong I was. It was soft, succulent and melted in the mouth, not a bit of gristle in sight. The salad was lightly dressed and a lovely mix with a smattering of olives. The wedges were a little disappointing as they were slightly soggy on the outside yet dry in the middle. The steak, however, more than made up for it.



I couldn’t leave without trying the pizzas and chose the Prosciutto and Goats Cheese. The base was good… a little overdone so slightly too crispy but the flavour had that gritty sourness I have come to know and love about a sourdough pizza. The tomato was sweet, the goats cheese creamy and the prosciutto salty. A lovely combination and it was great to find a decent pizza in the Greater Manchester area.

IMG_6363 IMG_6366

I had fully planned to ignore dessert until I saw these towering sensations arrive at the next door table and I couldn’t resist. The Snickers Mess contained a beautifully rich and dense caramel and peanut butter ice cream, which was balanced by the light sweetness of the torched meringue. The Snickers pieces had gone a bit hard with the torching process but the texture was a lovely addition.

My quivering tower of Baked Alaska was impressive with a base of cookie crumbs rather than cake and a lovely hit of fruit from strawberry confit. I really enjoyed it and it was good to see a twist of a classic, you can’t beat a good baked alaska and this certainly is one.


A swift coffee served with warm milk on the side was enough to wake me up to leave with a full tummy. As we walked out of the door I noticed a bus go passed on its way to Stockport. How did I not know I could have gotten public transport here?! I’m sold… pizzas, coffee and classic puds, thanks 6/Cut. I’ll be back soon.




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