Relaunching Madera, Northern Quarter

There are lots of places out there that are hindered by their name. Rosylee recently dropped ‘Tearoom’ from their name due to customers being put off and assuming they just sell tea and cake. Another venue to follow suit recently is Wood Wine Deli who have had a complete name change, to Madera. They invited me in to try their new menu, have a chat and show that they are about much more than just wine and deli style food.


Inside is quite dark and moody yet spacious with wooden tables and the bar at the back. Not just a wine bar, they also have a good selection of gin and whiskey with a cocktail menu to celebrate the two.



The beef carpaccio was wafer thin and soft so melted in the mouth with a good hit of salt and some peppery notes from the accompanying rocket.


The Cornish crab salad with potato and peas was one of my favourite dishes with fresh flaked crab atop well seasoned potato and peas that still had that hint of bite about augmentin order online them. The fresh flavours of all the elements complimented each other perfectly.


The ribs glazed with Jack Daniels were soft and the meat fell away from the bone which is just the way ribs should be. The glaze had a lovely smokey yet sweet taste although I couldn’t taste the Jack Daniels at all. I think it can be really difficult when using alcohol to get the flavours coming through though.


The Spanish cod was another hit for me, flaky white fish with a blackened exterior complimented by a sprinkle of pistachio a lightly spiced sauce.


Lastly we tried the chocolate cake topped with a generous dollop of vanilla infused cream. The cake was moist and the addition of chocolate sauce helped this along nicely whilst the cream topped it off, literally, for a nice end to any meal.

Overall I’m liking the look of Madera but the location worries me slightly. I hope people spot it nestled next to Simple and give it a go, I’m looking forward to returning to try that cocktail menu a bit more.


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