Pieminister Pies For National Pie Week

It is the end of National Pie Week so there is only one way to celebrate, with pies! Pieminister are made in Bristol using the most responsibly sourced ingredients possible and their vegetarian pies are Vegetarian Society approved. You can find them in most supermarkets these days so you can enjoy their pies at home or Manchester has its very own cafe where you can enjoy a pie cooked for you with your favourite beverage.

Pieminister have a huge selection and there really is a pie for everyone. The Free Ranger is one of my all time favourites with big chunks of chicken and ham in a creamy sauce, delicious served with chunky chips.

I am the least vegetarian person you will ever meet with my weird phobia of mushrooms which eliminates a lot of vegetarian dishes for me but this Heidi pie is perfect and a bit different to the normal vegetarian pie options out there. The Moo is a great buy amoxil classic that has a great amount of gravy inside although a little more is always welcome.

New for National Pie Week is The Hopper which was designed around a Mexican recipe and contains, yes you guessed it, crickets! Now crickets have featured on this blog before (remember these protein bars?) so this didn’t completely freak me out, but I wasn’t expecting the flavour combination. Crickets and black beans are cooked in a rich tomato sauce with chipotle, sour cream, lime and coriander. It is a Mexican fiesta in your mouth and so tasty! Today is your last day to get your hands on one so make sure you don’t miss out.

I bloody love a good pie and it is always my meal of choice when dining out at the moment. These individual pies are perfect and are NOT for sharing. So don’t ask.

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