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Lunch Differently At Nibble, Manchester

I write about restaurants in Manchester all the time. As you know I love to eat out, but when it comes to somewhere quick and simple, I struggle to find the right place. You know the type of place I mean, somewhere you can take your lunch away to eat at your desk if you want to, or somewhere you can get food quick and be gone within the hour. Let me tell you, I’ve found it.

This is Nibble. A cute little cafe tucked away on Oldham Street next to Pop Boutique. The all women team welcome you to a quiet haven where you can indulge in one of their homemade cakes, or enjoy a hearty breakfast. They make EVERYTHING they sell and boy, are they proud of it. They’ll chat, gossip and talk you through the menu as well as ensure you have a damn good visit. They have vegan, gluten free, healthy, whatever your requirements, they cater for you.

We kicked things off with some smoothies as it was fairly warm in Manchester despite the hideous rain. That said, I can’t wait to go back and absolutely smash their hot chocolate options. Pistachio and Rose Hot Chocolate anyone? Yeah, I thought so.

I went red with the Berry Good Smoothie. Light and fruity with strawberries, raspberries and blueberries, it is also a thinner consistency to others making it easy to sip and a good balance of flavours all the way through. My friend chose the Green Fingers which is a lovely blend of kiwi, apple, avocado, mint and lime. The avocado gave it a smooth richness with the mint giving the fruity flavours freshness. They were the perfect way to choose our lunches. For me, a Salad with a bit of everything. For him, a Meaty Brekkie.

The Meaty Brekkie usually has tomatoes and mushrooms but in keeping with the meaty buy augmentin theme, my friend asked for no vegetables. The ladies were more than happy to oblige giving him more meat to make up for it. They serve their breakfasts all day which is perfect for the late risers, or those who just prefer to eat breakfast at any time of the day. It was well cooked with great quality ingredients that are locally sourced. It was gone in minutes.

The Salad. Now if I’d gone to most other places, I’d have gotten loads of green and very few toppings. That is definitely not the call of the day at Nibble and this salad will have me coming back whenever I am in Manchester around lunch time. You get a generous selection of what is fresh that day in the cafe and I added extra chicken as well as halloumi. The houmous was chunky and garlicky, the pesto pasta light and fresh, the beetroot sweet and crunchy. All served with a side salad and bread. Normally the bread would be the first thing that would go from my plate, this time, I didn’t even get around to it. The salad was too good.

After a good natter, we left with full bellies and a little parcel of brownies. You have no pictures, they didn’t make it out of Manchester and had been scoffed before we even got on the train. The avocado brownie was soft,¬†light and melted in the mouth. The chocolate brownie, the opposite! Rich and chunky, the most chocolatey thing I have ever put in my mouth. The latter was my favourite and you will need to be quick if you want their cakes as they sell out fast!

Massive thank you ladies for the hospitality, for looking after us, and ensuring that we simply won’t be able to walk passed without popping by in the future.

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