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June’s Specials At All Star Lanes Manchester

The Brexit debate is hotting up and my Facebook timeline is full of opinions, musings and rants about whether we should remain or leave the EU. I am not one to bring my political views to my blog but the fabulous people at All Star Lanes have lightened the tone somewhat with June’s special, the Slider Decider.


Two burgers to divide a nation – 1 representing the EU with wild mushrooms, blue cheese and Brussels pate. 1 representing the UK with beer fried onions, cheddar cheese and black pudding crumble. Only one can win and you get to vote at the end of your meal. Will you choose to remain in the EU or leave and represent the UK?



Both are good, chuck and rib beef patties make them juicy and full of flavour. With my hatred of mushrooms I chose to leave these out of the EU burger yet the strong flavour of the Brussels pate dominated, the blue cheese got lost a little bit. The UK burger had the tastiest sweet yet slightly bitter onions with a slight crumble of black pudding to add a little flavour without overpowering completely. The burgers are served with two different types of fries to compliment the sliders and I loved this little touch. My friend I had different opinions, as we do in terms of the EU referendum. I sided with the UK – the onions augmentin online pharmacy swayed me and I am a sucker for a good cheddar cheese. Being somewhat offended by onions in general my friend sided with the EU and the Brussels pate topping.



If you want to stay a little bit more controversial and not let politics disturb your dinner there is another special to get your chops around – the meatball hoagie. An upper class version of a Subway classic and firm favourite of Joey from Friends! The giant, fresh meatballs are smothered in a sweet and flavourful marinara sauce topped with melted mozzarella and served in a soft brioche roll. It trumps Subway by a clear mile and is incredibly filling despite not looking that big on the plate.


Part of the regular menu so available at all times, I had to mention the American pancakes from the dessert menu. Three of the fluffiest pancakes I have seen topped with your choice of three from the impressive menu. We chose peanut butter, Nutella and vanilla ice cream, a combination I would highly recommend for that touch of decadence. How we had room I will never know but now I know how good they are, I’ll be needing them after every meal at All Star Lanes in future. And maybe as a side to my Margarita.

I was invited to try the new specials as a guest and was not asked to pay for my meal.

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