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Healthy Eating – Quick And Easy Breakfasts With Moma Porridge

I have lost count of the amount of times I have said how bad I am at breakfast. If something isn’t ridiculously easy to grab on the go it isn’t going to work and I find myself reaching for a protein bar most days if not slices of cheese on toast at the work canteen. Things had to change and around the same time I was reaching the end of my tether, Moma Foods asked if I fancied trying out their new ‘on the go’ porridge flavours. I was willing to try anything to slow down my expanding waist line.

Moma (Making Oats More Awesome) is the hugely successful story of Tom Mercer who was sick of boring and samey breakfast options. He built up his brand starting with Oatie Shakes and is now in most supermarkets as well as on board Virgin Atlantic flights selling a variety of porridge, muesli and smoothies with plans to add more to the range. Only wholegrain oats are used in the porridge which means they contain the whole of the grain, which provides fibre, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins and minerals. I always find when I eat oats in the morning they keep me full until lunch but I don’t want to be chained to the stove cooking before work.

These ‘on the go’ pots are perfect for days in the office. Top up to the line buy cialis in usa with water, give it a stir and wait five minutes. Then eat. Can it get any simpler? It contains no refined sugar yet the chunky apple pieces add enough sweetness and the cinnamon gives it an extra oomph that stops it being boring.

Just as simple to prepare are the porridge sachets and I love the coconut and chia variety. You need a bowl but otherwise the process is exactly the same – tip into a bowl, pour over boiling water and wait five minutes. I have these when I am working from home as I can easily grab a bowl but not have to wait or prepare for ages for a decent breakfast. The coconut adds a bit of creaminess that the apple and cinnamon lacks and the oats are really big which adds a good nuttiness to the porridge. Add sliced bananas and this keeps me full well until lunch time.

I love the simplicity of this range and am definitely going to try and find their smoothies, another easy way to pop breakfast in my handbag on the way out of the door yet something I can enjoy whilst in meetings. Sounds perfect to me! What are your ‘on the go’ breakfast heroes?

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