Guest Post: Celebrating 4th July With Splendid Sausage

The American theme week wouldn’t be complete without dessert and what better than waffles at Splendid Sausage for 4th July? Cheryl went along for me as I was off elsewhere…

Splendid Sausage Company, John Dalton Street, Manchester

The Splendid Sausage Co is another foodie paradise on Manchester’s thriving scene. Known for their deliciously British sausages served in the American hot dog style and more over their egg benedict fries (oh so nice) they now has another bow to add to its strings. Waffles! Oh Waffles. I am a waffle obsessive. To find out somewhere you already enjoy heading for some nosh is making an attempt at a favourite food, well it would be utterly rude not to try it for yourself.

And so I did. Invited to give their new menu treats a whirl I couldn’t hide my excitement as the first dish was brought over to our table. ‘Born in the USA’ a waffley dish served with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, blueberries, maple syrup and of course candied bacon. I have said it previously and I will say it again. I could suck on that candied bacon all day; it cuts through the sweetness of the rest of the dish and really pulls all the flavours together.


Next up we had the ‘Chocolate Lots and Lots’, well one thing for sure is they are not over exaggerating on the name. What I found most delightful was under the whipped cream was the chocolate ice cream and the beneath that squashed into the beautiful crevices of the waffles themselves, Nutella. A chocolate lover’s dream, better yet the addition of Weeto’s added that much needed crunch.

Finally the last to try was their seasonal fruits, which in comparison was light and fresh with the berries liberally spread across the whipped cream. Again the strawberry ice cream was hidden beneath the mound of creamy goodness and it all worked very well together. Overall I was impressed. The waffles themselves were such a wonderful consistency and just the right amount of density. Created with a specially imported waffle maker from the states, these guys are taking their craft seriously. It is working.

Splendid Sausage Company, John Dalton Street, Manchester

With three extra styles to choose from you will have your pick of waffle delights and I can most certainly recommend them.

Extra suggestions – the PBJ milkshake and the Toulouse sausage.

Huge thanks to Cheryl for attending what sounds like a truly exceptional evening.

I was invited to this event as a guest and wasn’t asked to pay for my food. Thanks to Splendid Sausage for supplying the photographs.

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