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Getting A Real Handful Of Snacks The Healthier Way

Snacking is one way I have managed to pile on the weight over the last few months. Working in an office where there are always biscuits or sweets combined with my lack of motivation is a dangerous mix and something I really need to work on over the coming months. Thanks to Real Handful I am on my way there.

Real Handful are the UK’s version of trail mix, those energy boosting mixes of fruit, chocolate and nuts that are popular with hikers in America. I bought loads during my road trip as they were so handy to keep in my bag when exploring new places and their slow release energy meant I didn’t have those horrible sugar spikes that a chocolate bar would have given.

The mix of natural healthy nuts, dried fruit and seeds combined with a little sweetness from a sprinkle of sugar provides a good source of fibre and there are lots of Real Handful mixes to choose from, six to be exact. There is a mix to suit most people and they come in handy 40g packets that provides a handful, a real handful of energy boosting goodness that helps to fuel that final email.

My favourite mix is the Blood Orange and Dark Chocolate for the slightly bitter chocolate chunks, crunchy peanuts, blood orange flavoured sultanas and cranberries. I keep a packet in my desk drawer and in my bag so I am never without something to get my sweet fix when the afternoon starts to drag and the different mixes mean they never get boring.

You can buy them in Boots, Holland & Barrett, Ocado and Sainsburys or online. They are available in a ration pack of 4 for £5 which gives you 4 different flavours, or you can buy a case of 10 of the same flavour for £10. I am stashing them in all my regular places so I have no excuse for heading to the vending machine, now to hit the gym.

Contains PR Samples. 

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