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Food – BBQ Sauces With Jack Daniels

With the weather so hot in the UK at the moment, it is hard not to constantly crack open the BBQ for a spot of al fresco dining. It cooks meat with the most perfect flavour that I just can’t seem to get right by cooking any other way.

Jack Daniel’s have extended their collection of products and released some new sauces that are the perfect accompaniment to your barbecue. There are six to choose from including a glaze for marinating your meat, and the Tennessee Honey for a little more sweetness. I tried the Smooth Original and the Hot Pepper, the former with some meaty ribs.

I would like to tell you that I slaved away for ages to create a recipe, but I literally dumped a load of the sauce into a bag with the ribs, massaged them for a while then popped them in the slow cooker for a few hours. I then finished them off on the BBQ for that smoky flavour. As a sauce, the Smooth Original is sticky and slightly sweet with a kick of Jack Daniel’s as an aftertaste. As a marinade this is intensified and the sweetness is dramatically mellowed leaving the smoky flavours of the Jack Daniel’s to take over.

The Hot Pepper sauce has a gentle kick of heat from jalapeño peppers whilst keeping a touch of sweetness making it great as a dip for steak kebabs, or to add a little bit of oomph to those cauliflower steaks. It is so refreshing to see new sauces appearing on the market to add to the regular ketchups and chutneys we know and love. I know my Dad will love these so I’ll definitely be taking them along the next time he invites me round for a BBQ, I reckon they may sway him to do them more often!

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