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Festive Dining At Miller And Carter, Heaton Chapel – Stockport

For the first time in my 36 years on this Earth, I won’t be eating a turkey dinner this Christmas Day. I wasn’t really bothered until this weekend when it hit me, that Christmas isn’t going to be the same for me from now on. To pick myself up I decided a turkey dinner was a turkey dinner, no matter what day I ate it on. So I booked into Miller and Carter for one of their festive dinners.

The festive menus at Miller and Carter are fairly flexible with a 2 or 3 course option, the latter can also be enjoyed with a glass of prosecco. My fussy friend didn’t fancy any of the festive starters so chose a starter from the normal menu and had the 2 course festive option. He chose the Salt and Pepper Calamari which had a great seasoned batter, served with a black garlic dip that certainly packed a punch. I went full steam with the festive menu and chose the Lobster, Samphire and Lemon Mascarpone Rillettes. Now the flavours were all there, light lobster, a saltiness from the samphire and a lightly citrus creamy dressing from the mascarpone. That said, it wasn’t really rillettes to me. It was much ‘looser’ than any rillettes I have had in the past and was more like a posh prawn mayonnaise starter. Good, but not what I was expecting.

For an extra supplement you can upgrade your main and my friend went all out with the Fillet Steak. As always it is served with a slice of their amazing onion loaf, fries, a choice of dressing on a lettuce wedge and a choice of sauce. I love how customisable the steaks are at Miller and Carter and, every time I have visited, they have served it EXACTLY as requested. He ordered it blue, which is how it came, and it was hot all the way through. Something that is difficult to do when the meat is effectively raw. I chose a Traditional Turkey Dinner which came with the cheesiest, creamiest dauphinoise potatoes. The root veg was a little too crunchy and needed a bit longer in the oven, but the clementine & fig stuffing was delightful. Also, for the first time in my life, I actually ate my sprouts! These were finely sliced, still crunchy and cooked with pancetta which totally took away that weird taste that overcooked sprouts can have. Do I like sprouts now?

And to finish, my friend chose the Dark Chocolate Torte, whilst I went for the Ginger, Pear and Salted Caramel Pudding. The torte was rich and decadent with a fancy shard of honeycomb which cut through that richness well. My pudding was heavy on the ginger, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it meant that the pear disappeared completely. I am a big fan of pear desserts too so I was a little disappointed. I did enjoy it though and the spice of the ginger was Christmas on a plate when it comes to desserts.

The festive menu at Miller and Carter is available until 24th December and you can book on the BookATable website. There are lots of options on there for different restaurants offering festive menus too. I always thought a Christmas meal like this was reserved with larger parties, like for a work Christmas do. I was pleasantly surprised to see that smaller parties can also enjoy it, especially whilst I’ll miss my Christmas do AND my Christmas Day meal this year. I wonder if I can squish in another this week…

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