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Dog Friendly – New Brunch Menu At Time and Place, Heaton Moor – Stockport NOW CLOSED

Brunch has to be one of my favourite meals. I am really rubbish at breakfast so brunch is just late enough for me to be hungry but also manages to roll two meals into one, meaning I can indulge more without feeling guilty. Stockport is growing by the day with exciting new ventures popping up such as Where The Light Gets In and Brassica, but brunch isn’t something we have in abundance at the moment. That is until Heaton Moor started to grow and the likes of Pokusevski’s opened their doors. Now, there is a new brunch stop in town, welcome Time and Place.

I am not a newcomer to Time and Place. I was first introduced to its delights on the launch and have been a regular ever since. It is a short bus ride from my house but also dog friendly so on sunnier days, I walk Ferguson up so he has had a good run and I get a reward at the end.

They have had a bit of a spruce adding bright floral wallpaper to feature walls and incorporated a brunch menu as well as a small plates menu should you get a little peckish whilst enjoying their cocktails.

I visited for brunch with two friends so luckily got to try three dishes from the menu. I had walked the 3 miles to get here so felt I totally deserved the pancakes with bacon and syrup. I was offered the syrup either already poured on or in a jug to do myself which I thought was a nice touch and opted for the latter. Alternately stacked crispy bacon with soft squidgy pancakes complete with a slight crust was simply done yet damn tasty. I added just a drizzle of syrup to add the sweetness that always brings the flavours of pancake and bacon together for me.

The Spanish Eggs is the perfect option if you are after something low in carbs and, other than those huge mushrooms, is something I will definitely be ordering in the future. Lightly scrambled eggs combined with salty chorizo topped with lightly bitter wilted spinach and fresh peashoots, it is the carb cyclers dream.

No brunch menu would be complete without a full English and the T&P Breakfast gives a big tick to the classic with a double helping of crispy hash browns, the runniest egg possible as well as bacon, black pudding, beans, tomato, mushroom and thick toast. All cooked well as you would want and a huge plateful that will definitely fill you up until teatime.

Ferguson also enjoyed his visit to Time and Place where there was plenty of water when he needed it and cuddles when it was possible (and hygienic!) to do so. A huge thumbs up from us and we will be doing the walk again soon, once the clouds clear and we are feeling energetic that is.

I was invited to dine as a guest of Time and Place and was not asked to pay although all other visits have been paid for. 

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