Celebrate National Smorging Week With Castello

It sounds lazy but preparing a meal when you live on your own can be a right faff. After a long day at work combined with a gym visit, the last thing I want to do it be chained to the cooker trying to prepare a decent meal. Something I regularly do is prepare, what I usually call, a mini buffet. Bread, cheese, leftover meat, anything that can be chucked on a plate and eaten fairly quickly yet satisfy me is a particular bonus. Something I have learned this week is that this style of eating has a name! Dear reader, let me introduce you to smorging.


Cheese brand Castello have taken inspiration from the Scandinavian smorgasbord and introduced smorging, a new way to enjoy premium cheeses in a tapas style rather than saving them for a special occasion. It is National Smorging Week from 24th-31st August so why not give it a go? You can pretty much use whatever you have in the fridge and, if you are around on Thursday 27th August at 6pm, you can send a photograph of the contents of your fridge to Scandi TV chef and food writer Trine Hahnemann who will give you tips on what to use for a bespoke smorg pairing.  All you need to do is tweet your picture or a list of your favourite store augmentin online purchase cupboard items to @castellouk with the hashtag #getsmorging, then join the Google hangout.

This relaxed approach to enjoying cheese pairings stretches as far as drink too. Do you enjoy a good port with your stilton? Or a fabulous merlot with your brie? Go for it, you only live once, enjoy things in the here and now.


As for my smorging experience, I’ve already said I do this type of thing regularly and I’m glad I can now give it a name. My favourite is some crusty bread that’s still warm when bought, some salty parma ham, a selection of cheeses like these from Castello, some good olives and a pot of houmous. I used the Castello Creamy Blue which isn’t as harsh as most blue cheese, more like a brie with bite. The Castello Creamy White is light and buttery with a beautifully gooey heart whilst the Castello Pineapple Halo was my absolute favourite coated in chopped almonds and papaya for a fruity yet toasted taste.

I enjoyed mine with a glass or two of Torres Vina Esmeralda, one of my favourite Spanish wines and one I struggle to find other than in Bakerie or in Spain itself. I thoroughly enjoyed my smorging experience and I can’t wait to try pairing different cheeses with different dips and meats for a different experience.

Cheese provided for review purposes.

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    Smorging known in my house as kitchen picnics ^_^

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