Birthday Celebrations At The Living Room, Manchester

When your Birthday is in January, it can be really dull. The weather is always cold, at best, and most people are skint so can’t afford to come out and celebrate with you. I have actually decided that, like the queen, I am going to have two and celebrate again later on in the year but for now, The Living Room came to my rescue.

Now I fell out with The Living Room somewhat when they opened their Haig Room and David Beckham came to visit. I was NOT informed that this was happening and David is my ultimate man, like my number one. He has been since I was 14 years old and I met him at Old Trafford on the same day that he met Victoria for the first time. He chose her over me, which still upsets me on a daily basis, but I was hopeful that I could rekindle my relationship with The Living Room. The decor exudes a level of opulence with large mirrors throughout, tan leather and comfortable mini booths that are perfect for two.

We were seated upstairs in the restaurant area which, somehow feels more relaxed than the downstairs bar area, especially mid week.

Birthday Margaritas were called for and they have a great tequila kick here. Stronger than others I have tried but in a good way.

My friend kicked things off with the Flash-fried King Prawns and I chose the Steamed Mussels. The prawns were plentiful and plump yet I wasn’t expecting quite so much butter. My friend didn’t complain though and gobbled them up in no time. I was really impressed with the size of this starter as most places present so much less. The mussels were served in a light cream sauce and, once again, the serving size was massive. The were nicely seasoned, on the small side but I think that is probably the season, with a lovely light cream sauce which coated them perfectly. The bread to dunk finished off the dish nicely and left me nearly too full to eat anything else, nearly.

I really fancied a comforting pie for my main but it had mushrooms in, and you know my hatred of mushrooms, so I opted for the Lancashire Hot Pot and my friend chose a Steak. In hindsight, I am so glad that the pie had mushrooms in because the Lancashire hot pot hit the spot perfectly. Satisfyingly large chunks of meat, with no gristle, served in a rich gravy with vegetables, topped with slices of potato. There was a pot of gravy on the side, should you like it a little runnier, and the lightly picked red cabbage topped it off, the way any decent hot pot should be. It was absolutely delicious and definitely a dish I would go back for.

We had quite a wait for our mains but our excellent waiter Simon popped over to advise us that, it was taking a while as my friend’s steak needed to be at room temperature to be cooked. He is super awkward and orders his steak blue so this was why. I really appreciated being told this was the reason for our wait and my friend was impressed that they were treating his main with such care. I know nothing about cooking steak but it was clear that it had been cooked well. It was hot all the way through but cooked exactly as requested. So often when he orders steak blue, it is cold in the middle. I wonder now if this is because it hasn’t been cooked at room temperature? Every day is an education!

Despite being ridiculously full, it wouldn’t have been my birthday without dessert and, after far too much rainbow birthday cake, I ordered the Cheeseboard. My friend went for the Brownie. A cheeseboard is a bit of a cop out when reviewing admittedly, it takes no particular skill by the chef, yet the selection was good with Mature Tickler, Camembert and Stilton, a selection of different crackers and a lightly spiced chutney. I think you can judge a decent cheeseboard on the chutney and I was impressed with the spice in this one. My friend’s brownie was rich, soft and dense with a heavy chocolate kick. Served warm it was also really comforting and like a warm hug on a cold day.

The service throughout was excellent and we were well looked after. We left after a few hours with full bellies and a light glow from all the comfort food. It is just what you would expect from a winter menu and I was delighted to have the option of good old hearty food. So many menus these days are generic and, especially at this time of year, hot pot is called for. For my mid birthday I’ll be back to try the summer menu. Here’s hoping that it’ll be a similar tale of lighter dishes, perfect for the weather. And perhaps Becks will join me.

We were invited to dine as guests of The Living Room and were not asked to pay for our meal. 

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  • Reply Chrissie February 1, 2018 at 7:24 pm

    Happy birthday Keeley! I used to visit The Living Room with mates after Saturday shopping sprees for cocktails about a decade ago. I’m glad it’s still around and does food as well now. I think you can judge a place well on their cheese board as so many places use it as a cop out and excuse to over charge. This one sounds great though!

  • Reply Monique February 21, 2018 at 10:04 am

    Love this place, it’s one of my go-tos.

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