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Award Celebrations At Steak And Lobster, Manchester

You know I won an award right? I’ve harped on about it loads on my social media but, after blogging for 6 years, it certainly isn’t something I was ever expecting. The guys at Lovin Manchester named me the best food blogger in their social media awards last month! Thank you so much to everyone who voted for me, I am truly humbled. I had double booked and didn’t attend the awards evening, that’s how sure I was that I would never win it, so the fabulous peeps at Steak and Lobster invited me in to celebrate!

The Manchester branch of Steak and Lobster is within the Radisson Blu Edwardian hotel and is very corporate. Dark and moody lighting with dark leather seats, it is the ideal spot for the business traveller and a place where I would feel completely at home dining solo.

The menu is delightfully basic. Steak and lobster, not surprisingly, are the main dishes yet you will also find a selection of small bites and salads. All mains are served with unlimited fries and salad too, what’s not to love? I started the night with a cocktail, well I was celebrating after all. For a hotel restaurant, the cocktail menu is really good and there really is something for anyone, including a great selection of alcohol free drinks. I enjoyed the Rum Punch with Havana 3 year old rum, Myers rum, velvet falernum, pineapple and lime juices finished with some bitters. With the sun shining, I was almost transported to more tropical climes, almost.

I wanted to try a bit of everything so the Surf and Turf was the only real option for me. It meant I got to try both the steak AND lobster, clever right? It is not cheap at £36, but when you factor in unlimited fries and salad, you really don’t need anything else before or after. I’m not sure what the dressing was on the salad but it was really light yet slightly peppery, I wolfed the salad before anything else on my plate and that is certainly not something that normally happens! Steaks are grilled to your liking, then topped with half a lobster, smothered in a spicy chimichurri butter. The chimichurri butter has a lovely kick to it and seasoned the lobster well. The lobster was on the small side but then I am really queasy when it comes to the softer meat so probably left more of it than most people. The steak was good, a little chewy in some areas yet cooked medium, as I had requested. It is quite a hearty  dish with the sides although it didn’t seem right not to try a dessert.

The Strawberries, Meringue and Cream was beautifully presented, I was expecting a smashed up Eton style mess. The cream was speckled with vanilla, crunchy meringue dotted throughout for a mix of textures with every bite. It was delicious but I didn’t manage it all, not after that hefty main.

If you are in the mood for lobster, Steak and Lobster is the place to come. I’m definitely going to return and try their salads as they sound really different, lobster with lime and cilantro anyone?

Massive thanks to Steak and Lobster for being so kind and inviting me to celebrate my award win, I promise I’ll shut up about it now!

I was invited to dine as a guest of Steak and Lobster and was not asked to pay for my meal. 

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