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A Taste Of Sri Lanka At Little Lanka, Stockport

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There is nothing I love more than finding foodie gems on my doorstep. Being a Manchester food blogger has awarded me some amazing opportunities, but the majority of these tend to be in the City and I get so busy that I rarely get to explore my hometown of Stockport’s restaurants. Stockport isn’t really known for its restaurant scene but we actually have an eclectic mix of cuisines, from Thai to Chinese, Malaysian to Korean. When I had a spare weekend recently, I though I would give my nearest restaurant a try.

The Sri Lankan restaurant Little Lanka is on the A6 through Stockport on the way out towards Hazel Grove.  It’s also around the corner from my house so I have been keen to try it for a while. It is quite unassuming from the outside with a fairly dark interior and a small eating space. Other than the Sri Lanka art at the rear of the venue, nothing really points to the cuisine. The place has a real chilled out vibe with atmospheric music playing and a relaxing speed to enjoy your meal. The team here are incredibly efficient without being invasive or rushed. For this reason, if not the food, I will return again and again.

We started with the Chicken Rolls and Fried Prawns, a little daunted by some of the other items on the menu such as the spicy fish cutlets! The chicken rolls are definitely on the spicier side with a lengthy list of herbs and spices used alongside minced chicken and diced potato. Whilst they were really quite hot, it was a flavoursome heat and not one that just burns for no reason. The prawns were also good with a lightly battered coating around juicy prawns, served alongside a punchy garlic mayo. Now we know what to expect I’ll definitely give the fish starters a go on our next visit.

We were a little more adventurous with our mains going for the Lamb Stew and the Mixed Devil. We also ordered a portion of rice and a portion of noodles to share between the two. My Lamb Stew was so much more than it sounds. The coconut milk and curry leaves meant it was very similar to a Thai Massaman Curry but the spices are more aromatic with a gentle heat that was a lot less daunting than that in the chicken rolls we had to start. The Mixed Devil is like a Sri Lankan version of sweet and sour, this one with lamb, chicken and prawns. There was no pineapple nor glutinous thick sauce. Just a slightly sweet glaze with a serious kick of heat that was gone in minutes from my friend’s plate. We hardly made a dent in the sides but we were kindly offered boxes so I took the noodles home for my lunch the next day.

I wouldn’t normally order dessert from an Asian restaurant but we were curious so ordered a Brownie and the Kiri Pani. The brownie was rich and dense without that weird powdery taste that some can have. The Kiri Pani is a more traditional dessert of natural yoghurt like curd topped with a sweet honey like sauce. It was delicious and reminded me of the yoghurt and agave syrup concoction that I have taken to eating for my breakfast lately. It was a lovely light way to end the meal and cleanse the palate after so much spicy food.

We had a lovely time at Little Lanka and will certainly return. Eating out can get expensive but I was pleasantly surprised to find that Little Lanka are part of the Dine Club scheme, meaning you can save money when dining there if you hold a Dine Club membership. Go Compare have teamed up with Dine Club and you can now benefit from a 12 month membership when you purchase car, home, bike, van or pet insurance through Go Compare, huge savings all round! You can find out more at

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