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It has taken me a while to get round to writing this post but I couldn’t miss out on telling you about another night at the Drunken Butcher’s house. This time it was for a very special occasion, a menu kept secret until nearer to the actual date but a promise that we would get to try some of the Drunken Butcher’s favourite things. Having been to a few of these evenings before (I wrote about Cluckin’ Hell HERE if you want to catch up) I couldn’t say no so booked on and waited with baited breath to see what the menu would contain.

We were welcomed with a dirty martini and chicharrons. huge ‘posh’ pork scratchings dusted with a touch of spice that I didn’t get a picture of because it was gone in seconds. They are so crispy and moorish I could quite happily sit with a bowl of these of an evening in front of the TV. The dirty martini wasn’t for me, I’m not a fan but I believe others at the table loved this cocktail and happily took mine from me to save any wastage.

drunken butcher 1

The first course was called ‘pig’s head and pig’s cheek’. Having attended the Joy of Pork event I knew I had tried these before. The pig cheek, glazed with soy and chilli, was sweet and sticky whilst the meat was tender and melted in the mouth. The pig’s head was a combination of bits from the head of the pig (less I know of that the better) that is then breaded and deep fried. The flavours you get from the pig’s head are intense and a strong, not for everyone, but I love these and could have eaten more. I knew better than to ask for seconds though as I was suspecting our 6 course meal may contain some surprises…

drunken butcher 2

I’m not normally a fan of celeriac but this was creamy yet light with a sprinkling of chive that just helped take the earthiness away slightly. Just the way I like it. I was also surprised by the small portion, not in a bad way as I always like to try and save myself for Iain’s desserts, so a perfect size for the sheer enormity of the menu ahead.

drunken butcher 3

The next course was supposed to be a monkfish and shaved fennel salad but it had a surprise… a side of cod cheek. Iain is a fan of different cuts and this doesn’t stop at meat. He likes using all of what he cooks and he wanted to demonstrate how good these cuts can be with this cod cheek. I’d never had cod cheek before but am a huge fan of the cheeks of other animals. They are, after all, one of the most used muscles so always yield a tasty cut. The cod cheek was no different and was soft and flavourful. The monkfish had been pan-fried just long enough that it was still really soft and melted in the mouth. The fennel salad was a wonderful surprise. Like celeriac, I am not normally a fan but this had a slightly citrusy flavour that made it taste lightly pickled. It was almost like a posh coleslaw? Very good and I am definitely a convert.

drunken butcher 4

Next up was my favourite course of the evening and one I was looking forward to. Knowing Iain’s wife cheap cialis online Heli has a love for deep fried potato products I was keen to see what the fuss was all about. The crisps were served on top of pork fillet with a roast corn salsa underneath. The pork was tender and the sweetness of the corn worked well with it’s fatty flavours. Now I’ve told you this I need to tell you about the crisps… Iain shared his secret that he slices potato as thinly as possible before soaking the slices in water for 3 hours then dipped in hot water before being deep fried. This gives them an unbelievable crisp yet they seem to melt in the mouth. They are the nicest crisps I have ever eaten and Iain has promised to give me a crash course in making them myself. I can’t wait.

drunken butcher 5

A palate cleanser of lemon sorbet followed. Big icy crystals were perfect but I found this a bit too sweet for a palate cleanser. I wanted it to be sharper but it was pleasant and you should know by now I am not afraid of some sweetness in my food or drink.

drunken butcher 6

Just look at the beautiful colour of this Yorkshire rose veal. I was sceptical about this as I am not usually a fan of veal but this, wow. Like most of Iain’s meat it was just cooked and melted in the mouth. The cabbage was buttered and the triple cooked chips crunchy. The chips were so good I had gobbled them before taking a picture. I sense a theme here…

drunken butcher 7

The lamb dish consisted of slow cooked lamb, liver, sweetbread and red peppers. Another surprise was included in the form of mac and cheese. I was so stuffed by this stage that I managed a mouthful of the lamb and a tiny bit of the mac and cheese. The lamb was soft and flavourful, it was evident that this had been cooking for hours. I’m very fussy about my mac and cheese and this needed a touch more seasoning for my liking. I really am a salt fiend and like a bit more than others. Not being an offal fan I skipped the liver and sweetbread but many at the table said they were awesome.

drunken butcher 8

Dessert was poached pear with a whisky and cinnamon ice cream. I was right to save some room for this, the pear still had a firmness giving it some bite and stopping it being sloppy. The whisky element of the ice cream helped keep it beautifully soft and, just like his meat, this melted in the mouth. The perfect end to a great evening.

drunken butcher 9

To bid us farewell it wouldn’t have been right without Tania of DineInOut sharing with us one of her favourite things. This came in the form of a packet of sweeties that I enjoyed in the car home, despite feeling so full earlier on!

So surely after two write ups of these unique events you must be ready to attend one by now? You are in luck! There are still spaces on some of the forthcoming events such as ‘malty-tasting’ celebrating all that is Soreen and the retro ‘are you being served?’ You can book on HERE but you will need to be quick as these events sell out really quickly, I’m pretty sure you can see why…

This meal was paid for.

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