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2018 Summer Menu At Walrus

I have spent many a drunken night in Walrus in the Northern Quarter. After a hard week at work, it is somewhere I always seemed to end up when I lived in the City and, at times, I miss it being on my doorstep. I hadn’t been for a while so when invited to try the food, it seemed the perfect end of the week treat.

I spent most of my time in America recently whinging about how great their happy hour deals are and how rubbish they are in the UK. Walrus is not one of those places and there are offers 7 days a week, 2 for £10 cocktails being my personal favourite and we sampled a couple whilst looking at what to order. My only complaint is that the happy h0ur cocktails are all sweet or fruity. Not a big issue for me but I know the majority of my friends would prefer something with more of a kick.

We started with some small plates and the Deep Fried Mac And Cheese Balls were particularly good. Not dry and claggy like they can so easily be, they were gooey with stringy molten cheese and a herbed tomato dip. The Spicy Pork And Chorizo Meatballs weren’t particular spicy but they were juicy with a smattering of melted cheese and another side of that herbed tomato sauce.

Onto the mains and they were both lacking a little unfortunately. The BBQ Chicken Sub was fine, the bun a little more charred than I would like but with soft chicken, streaky bacon and mozzarella filling is pepped up with a glug of bbq sauce. My friend chose the Chicken Kiev Burger which, on paper, sounded incredible. Unfortunately the breaded chicken was overdone and the centre, which should have been oozy, had all but disappeared leaving dry chicken and a similarly dry bun.

Walrus is not fine dining and doesn’t try to be. It is designed to be somewhere you get a bite to eat before hitting the tiles. In fact, they had a DJ when we visited and it was only around 5.30pm! It’s not for me, I’m getting on a bit and I prefer to be able to speak to my date during a meal rather than having to shout over the base, but the nibbles I will grab next time I’m around the City mid week. The pizzas and loaded fries coming out of the kitchen also looked good so I’ll be sure to give them a try next time.

We were invited to dine as guests of Walrus and were not asked to pay.


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