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2018 Summer Menu At The Living Room

After thoroughly enjoying our meal at The Living Room for my birthday back in January, we were excited to return and try their new summer menu. Known for their cocktail menu and those porn star martini trees, I was pleasantly surprised by the food earlier in the year and was hopeful that they would live up to my high expectations.

I had a look over the menu with an Eton Mess Gin and Tonic. I initially expected this to be a dessert style cocktail but the only thing ‘dessert like’ about this drink is the wedge of meringue it is served with. Gordons is pimped up with Chambord and Fever Tree tonic before strawberries and a raspberry drizzle. It is sweet and fruity, just delicious.

To start, we ordered a veritable feast! We were starving having had no breakfast so it was totally warranted to order three starters. Yes, three.

The Teriyaki Chicken Skewers were okay, a little on the dry side and I would have liked a more sticky marinade, but tasty enough with soft chicken pieces and a pleasant Asian inspired salad on the side. The Crispy Duck Parcels were my favourite, although they were more spring roll shaped than parcel shaped. Soft aromatic duck with hoisin sauce, spring onion and cucumber wrapped in a light crispy shell, this is a substantial sized starter and a delicious take on a traditional Chinese dish.

As is the norm with us at the moment, we also ordered the Nachos. I have a real issue with trying to stop eating nachos in general but these ones were even tougher to leave! The toppings of Tickler extra mature cheddar, guacamole, sour cream and tomato salsa were evenly distributed meaning there isn’t a soggy chip in sight. The mature cheese gave them a real edge and the guacamole had a satisfyingly garlicky kick, which is the only way I will eat guac at the best of times.

Onto mains and I went a little lighter with the Cobb Salad. I say lighter, although this dish is still fairly substantial with ample toppings to merit it being a main course. I am often left disappointed by salads and their light toppings over mountains of salad leaves. Shropshire chicken, honey glazed bacon and a soft boiled egg sit on top of avocado, tomato, beetroot, cos lettuce and cucumber. The lemon and olive oil dressing is evenly distributed throughout and my only complaint is that this salad isn’t chopped, like cobb salads are in America. I am a huge fan of the laziness of a chopped salad but also feel I am more likely to eat all the salad elements rather than dive straight into the toppings. It is delicious though and I’ll be ordering it again.

My friend chose the Rib Eye Steak with garlic prawns, as he had really enjoyed his starter of these in January. We had a bit of a wait for this to arrive but my friend had ordered his steak blue and Simon, our waiter for the evening, explained this was so the meat could come to room temperature before being cooked. I remembered this being the case on our last visit so was prepared for the extra wait and those nachos made sure it wasn’t a problem. It made such a difference and the steak was buttery soft, yielding to the knife with ease. The prawns were particularly garlicky which gave the steak extra flavour, my friend even commented that it rivalled some of the big steak players in Manchester at the moment. At £22, without the prawns, it is also pretty good value.

We had no room for dessert, I am totally blaming those nachos, but I did enjoy a final cocktail, choosing the Eaton Mess Fizz. That G&T really hit the spot so I was interested to see how it would translate with prosecco. The gin is replaced with Licor 43 to take away the dryness of the prosecco and the extra sweetness made this cocktail, quite literally, disappear. It was delicious and I’ve totally been trying to recreate it at home.

As always, the service was impeccable and Simon has a real way with service. He related to his customers perfectly and everyone around us was happy and cheerful. The food was beautiful again which makes the Living Room a real contender for me when thinking of where to go for a meal out in the City. I can’t wait to see what the next winter menu brings.

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