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Fitness Goals For 2019

With the amount of dining out I do, I really need to focus on my health in 2019. I have really let it slide this year what with work being incredibly busy and my degree taking priority. With just (I say that lightly…) my dissertation left to do, and work slowing down a little, it is time to get myself back in the gym to tone up and lose some weight.

Just before I started my dissertation I had really been enjoying classes and they are a great way to get back into fitness. I have lost so much stamina that I get really annoyed with myself when I can’t keep up. The good thing about classes like Zumba and Clubbercise is they have lower energy options so I can’t still take part, even if I can’t do as much jumping around as everyone else initially. I am going to revisit the dance fitness classes at the gym before trying the tougher classes.

I also find weight training really helps me to lose weight. Lifting weights doesn’t make me as out of breath as cardio work does and it really helps to tone up fast and use my muscles again! These Body RIP weight gloves will stop my hands from getting messed up and the shaker is really good for after work as the little compartments can hold a protein shake, supplements and a pre workout.

Something I have already been doing more of is walking. Having Ferguson is the perfect excuse to don the walking boots and pound the pavements. I have been making more of an effort to visit new places so he gets lots of stimulation and I get to see a different lanscape! I have been loving exploring the outdoors more and can’t wait to see even more in 2019.

How will you be keeping fit in 2019?

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