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Fight Night at Grosvenor Casino, Didsbury

It took me until the tender age of 32 to first enter a casino, but when I did I did it in style. In Las Vegas. I think the fact they are housed within hotels and you can see the gaming tables when checking into your room makes things a little less daunting. I was adamant I was going to have a little flutter, and little it was! I literally budgeted $30 a day on gambling although I did come away $40 better off. I was so proud of myself! So when the lovely people at Grosvenor Casinos invited me over to watch the much anticipated Mayweather v Pacquiao those casino nerves weren’t there. Mostly because I’d already been in a few casinos but also because this wasn’t about gambling, it was about a sport I’ve gotten into a lot recently – boxing.

You may remember my post about Pink Collar Boxing and how they are changing the face of boxing for women. Ever since I’ve taken up boxing training with the Primal Academy and the fitness benefits have been incredible. My arms are shaping up like no other exercise I’ve done before and I ache in muscles I didn’t know existed. So to watch a huge fight like this knowing the physical strength it takes was actually quite exciting.


Grosvenor Casinos are the biggest chain in the UK with three in the Greater Manchester area. I lived in Cheadle most of my life so can’t believe I had never been to the casino on the Parrswood centre. I expected, for the location, for it to be quiet but it was bustling even when we arrived at 11pm at night. I also expected the prices to be steep with it being a casino but I was pleasantly surprised to find generic cymbalta that the drinks prices were lower than those in the City Centre. A bonus all round! The food is pub grub style but also reasonably priced. We got to try some too…

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Please excuse the poor photographs, the lighting was dreadful although for the time of the fight this was welcomed. We were seated in a VIP room to watch the fight where there were no windows so it was strangely comforting not to see the sun rising outside as the fight was coming to an end! The chili nachos were my favourite with a good heat and the wings still had a lovely crispy skin. The edamame beans needed seasoning as they were a little bland but nothing a good glug of salt and a dip wouldn’t cure. Don’t get me wrong, the food isn’t top end but it is perfectly acceptable for a quick bite to eat.That said the calamari was actually nicer than one we had recently at a pricey restaurant in the City Centre. Soft and tender with just enough coating to give a light batter. Really good and something some of the top players could learn from.


The VIP rooms are a great way to relax and watch sports. We obviously watched the fight but there are plans for more sports to be aired here and Grosvenor Casino Didsbury was one of the only places in the immediate vicinity to show the much anticipated boxing match. The fight itself was a little clinical and I honestly thought Pacquiao had done better than the judge’s score cards said. But what do I know. All I know is I had a thoroughly enjoyable time and I would certainly consider coming here in the future to watch other events.



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  • Reply Chrissie May 19, 2015 at 11:01 am

    That must have taken some serious stamina to go to Blog On at 9:00am and stay awake until around 6:00am! I was gutted to here Pacquiao had lost and also how he’d fought and was still deemed the loser. I’m impressed with the food and the pricing at the casino after reading this. I always assumed they would be really dear.

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