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Crazy Pizza Fun With Crazy Pedro’s Part-Time Pizza Parlour

Good pizza is hard to come by in Manchester city centre. Being such a big city you would expect somewhere to have got it spot on by now but I am yet to find it. So when the guys at Crazy Pedro’s invited me in I wasn’t really expecting much.

Crazy Pedro’s Part-Time Pizza Parlour is brought to you by the brains behind Liars Club and is located on top of it. Open from noon until 4am serving pizza throughout as well as the largest Mezcal selection in Manchester, Crazy Pedro’s is a light and airy bar ideal for watching the world go by.

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The ceiling is papered with random posters which I love especially this one, I’m not sure I’ve ever heard a truer saying.

The cocktail list is short yet sweet featuring a number of margaritas as well as other unique drinks. I chose the dizzee mezcal containing Pedro’s party mix, oaxaca, mezcal, ginger, grenadine, lime, pineapple and apple in a plastic cup decorated with sweets and an American flag. A fruity mix that certainly packs a punch with the mezcal giving it that authentic earthy smokiness you get from no other. A few more of these and I’d have been dancing on the tables, although I get the impression that is welcomed here. They sell pizza all night until close and also have takeaway option meaning you can get piping hot pizza when you really need it.


The pizzas couldn’t get any more authentic with an Italian chef making and preparing everything fresh. The base is made to a traditional Italian recipe whilst the toppings have an American twist with names like fried chicken & waffle and Kingston rock. The salami is sliced in house too which I thought was a lovely touch.

I was lucky enough to get behind the counter and make my own pizza augmentin generic india under the watchful eyes of the chefs. The dough had already been proved so it was about shaping it in the unique way they do here so the base was nice and thin yet still with that slightly raised crust around the outside. Suffice to say I was pretty rubbish and needed a fair bit of help but I got there in the end! I made their eggs and bacon all dayer (smoked bacon, scrambled egg, mozzarella and HP sauce) yet was very cheeky and demanded a couple of slices of salami on top… well they had painstakingly sliced it, I wanted to see what it tasted like!



I thought I did pretty good? Taste wise you can’t go wrong. The base is thin and crispy with an amazing range of toppings to suit anyone. The chicken and waffle was a favourite with the sweet chewy waffles contrasting with the salty cheese and fried chicken. So different and something that really shouldn’t work, but it does.

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My favourite thing about Crazy Pedro’s has got to be the happy hour. Between 5pm-9pm pizza prices are slashed with a slice costing just £1.50 and a full 16″ pizza costing £7.50. For that price it isn’t even worth turning the oven on. There’s also a great outdoor seating area which catches the sun for most of the day, seriously, what more do you need?

I love that Crazy Pedro’s isn’t trying too hard to be something they’re not. It’s casual, good drinks and excellent pizzas with no pretentiousness and no fuss.

I’m just glad Crazy Pedro’s isn’t closer to my flat… I’d be the size of a small house.

I was invited as a guest of Crazy Pedro’s and wasn’t asked to pay for my meal. 



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  • Reply Chrissie April 22, 2015 at 11:20 am

    I know what you mean about being glad it’s not closer to home – I’d never have to turn the, er, microwave on lol It looks like such a fun place, with the decor and creative toppings, not to mention it’s open on the best side of PM :0)

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