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Best Places For Healthy Eats At Manchester Arndale

If I was thinking of grabbing something healthy to eat I wouldn’t automatically think of Manchester Arndale. I have always thought about the bigger chains offering fast food, but let me tell you, things have changed. From smoothies to salads, bagels and hearty soups, you can now get it and the Get Your Eat On campaign has some great offers that mean you can eat healthy for less! Here are some of my favourites –


IMG_7674 IMG_7675

Did you know that all the shakes and smoothies from Boost are at least 98% fat free? I have always erred away from juice bars before but watching the guys here add fresh ingredients, whizz up my smoothie then hand it over has certainly changed my mind! With your Get Your Eat On voucher you can get ‘buy one get one free’ on all low fat and super smoothies. They have a special on this week which is delicious, strawberries and cream. Make sure you grab two and you can share one with a friend.



Fuel is the second juice bar in Manchester Arndale and they are also taking part in the Get Your Eat On campaign with ‘buy one get one free’ when buying two of the same drink. Their smoothies are all 99.9% fat free and you can also add a shot of ‘fuel’ such as whey protein if you need a bit more of a boost before a heavy gym session.

Yo Sushi

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A personal favourite offering 15% off your bill as part of the campaign is Yo Sushi. They have a new menu designed around Japanese street food and boy, is it good! The Teriyaki Salmon was really good, soft and flaky fish with a sticky flavourful sauce, we could have eaten it three or four times over. The chicken wings were crunchy although on the skinny side but the Okonomiyaki was the surprise dish of them all. Cabbage stuffed into a savoury pancake topped with lightly spiced katsu sauce and smoked bonito which looked like it was wiggling on the top of the dish. Service was exceptional as always and I will be back to use my voucher this week.


I find Subway salads can be pretty colourless due to my dislike of tomato, it is all green. Lettuce, generic propecia online cucumber and green peppers in most outlets is my lot but the Manchester Arndale outlet also has sweetcorn and carrot, winning! The restaurant is spacious with lots of seating and it is much brighter than other Subway restaurants I have been in. Their offer is on the subs with a free 6″ sub when you buy another sub and a drink, so you can load up on a tasty salad alongside your protein of choice.


IMG_7690 IMG_7693 IMG_7692

Nandos are notorious for their chicken but did you know they’re now doing some ridiculously healthy side dishes? I love the new Fino platter with a whole grilled chicken, sweet potato weddges, chargrilled vegetables, supergrain salad and corn on the cob. It is a paleo paradise and you are allowed to feel pretty virtuous after all that goodness. You can get 10% with your voucher too.



I had never heard of Go before this week and I am actually a bit gutted that I hadn’t. A bit like Subway in style, they do mixed salads the way I have seen so many times in America. You pick your salad and toppings, then a sauce, and they mix it all up before popping it in a box for you. They make fresh pizzas in a matter of minutes whilst you wait with whatever toppings you desire too, not as healthy but just as delicious. With your voucher you will get a free drink with your meal too.

Spud U Like


You will find Spud U Like in the main food court of Manchester Arndale baking potatoes on site and topping them with a range of options including baked beans and tuna. With your voucher you will get 10% off as well as a free garlic bread. Not ideal if you want healthy but you can always give it to a friend, they will thank you for it.

There you have it, some healthier options for eating at Manchester Arndale this week. The Get Your Eat On campaign is running until 7th August and you could be in with a chance of winning a £50 gift card if you download your vouchers via this link. These can then be used by showing the voucher on your phone or printing them off. The vouchers are also available in store.

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