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The Best Coffee Break Spots At The Arndale Centre, Manchester

It is that time of year again and The Arndale Centre have brought their Get Your Eat On campaign back for the summer, and it is bigger and better than ever! There are more outlets taking part with a plethora of offers to keep the whole family entertained. Instead of listing them all I thought I would break down the deals into handy categories starting with the best places to get a decent brew.

Bagel Nash





Bagel Nash is somewhere I have walked passed a few times and never visited. I am not really sure why but armed with my Get Your Eat On voucher for a free coffee when spending £4 or more, I knew the second I walked through the door that I would be back soon.


Bagel Nash specialise in, you’ve guessed it, bagels! You can choose a flavour of bagel and a simple spread topping or be a bit more adventurous and go for something a bit heartier.


The bacon and cream cheese on a cheese and jalapeno bagel was my favourite. A touch of warmth from the jalapeno gave it something abit more exciting than a plain bagel would have done and the bacon was crispy, just as I like it.


The salmon, cream cheese and avocado on a tomato and olive bagel encompassed healthy fats galore and was ridiculously filling. I especially loved how the cream cheese completely filled the whole in the bagel, what can I say, I am easily pleased.

There are some filling soups that you can add a bagel to for a more filling meal and their salads look pretty impressive including a good selection for vegetarians.

Coffee Break

IMG_2551 IMG_2550

Coffee Break would be an obvious choice for a cup of coffee and their offer for the campaign is 15% off your bill. I tried their cappuccino which was the frothiest I think I have ever had! I was given the option of chocolate topping which was a nice touch and I could not resist their amazing muffins. My blackberry and apple was moist and fluffy with a crumble top. They do some great smoothies too which I will be stopping in for next time.


Did you know the brand spanking new Costa Coffee on Market Street is technically part of the Arndale Centre? No me neither, but you can use your 10% off voucher there. It is all shiny new and sparkly, the perfect spot to try their new popcorn cappuccino.


IMG_2576 IMG_2573

Eat isn’t somewhere I would go for a coffee but they make a mean latte complete with pretty foam art. You can grab one for free when you spend £5 and I suggest you spend that on their lemon and herb chicken hot pot. It is fragrant with a gentle spice and so filling with rice and slaw, I am not sure how I finished it. I was really impressed with how tasty it was, I am going to try their chicken pot pie soup next time.

So there you have it, just a few of the retailers taking part in the Get Your Eat On campaign for 2016. Stay tuned for the next installment, healthy eats.

Make sure you download your vouchers from THIS LINK. You will also be entered into a draw to win a £50 giftcard to spend at the Centre.

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