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Dog Friendly – The Ultimate Property Updates For Your Pampered Pooch

The pet economy is big business in the UK. One recent study conducted by American Express estimates that the average dog owner spends around £1,252 per year on their pet. This will typically include the basics such as dog food, insurance, vets bills, kennel stays while owners go on holiday and perhaps a few toys and treats.

However, some owners are also splashing out on regular grooming, birthday presents and one third even go as far as buying their pooch a pupcake to ensure they have a paw-some birthday. Here, perhaps more than many other countries our dogs are considered part of the family but do you go out of your way to incorporate their needs into the design and decor of your family home? For fun, here are a some potential property updates you could carry out to get (and keep) your dog’s tails wagging. Some of these suggestions may seem a little far-fetched but others boast a surprisingly affordable price tag…

Grooming Salon

How often do you bathe your dog? Are baths and showers strictly reserved for those times when they roll in some really stinky fox poop during a walk or do the furry members of your family have a regular weekly grooming slot just like the rest of the house? Sometimes dogs are less than enthusiastic about taking a bath or a shower and persuading them to do so can be difficult. A few convenient home additions could help keep your canine (and your home) mud free. According to the Telegraph, doggy showers in kitchens and utility rooms are the in thing in country homes, though why stop there? You could kit out a full grooming salon, complete with doggy driers and pooch products.

Treat Shop

If you don’t have the money to fit your own at home salon but want your pooch to feel suitably pampered, setting up a treat shop could be a great compromise. In fact, if you regularly purchase or even bake different doggy treats for your pet, you’re already halfway there. The idea is to set out Fido’s favourite snacks to emulate a traditional sweet shop. You’ll need a sturdy shelf and some clear buy augmentin xr online mason or pilsner jars. Take your doggy treats out of their usual tins or packets and put them in the different jars and line them up to look like sweets. You could also decorate the shelving with doggy themed bunting to make it stand out. As a bonus, keeping your dog’s titbits in airtight containers like this could help extend their shelf life.

Outdoor Access

How many times a day do you get up and down to let your dog out into the garden or yard? When the weather is wet, do they tentatively put one paw outside then make a hasty retreat? Do they bark to let you know when they’re want back in or do they like to exercise their paws – and scratch the door – by pounding their paws?  Well-positioned bifold doors are the ultimate pet accessory you can fit in your property. They allow your pooch to check out the weather before they try and venture outdoors. Plus, you’ll be able to see when they need back in or better still, when the weather allows you can leave the doors open so they can come and go as they please.

Indoor Toilet

There’s no suggestion that your pooch should just go to the toilet where they please, that’s just not hygienic. Every now and then a clever canine who can use the bathroom will pop up in the news, but did you know you can actually buy dog toilets? Designs range from mini toilets and trays through to this porch potty, which incorporates a miniature lawn and drainage system. However, you should be warned that while the porch potty can be placed indoors, it isn’t self cleaning. This means that along with removing any ‘ahem’ solid waste, you’ll need to water the grass with several litres of water each day to keep things suitably fresh.

Which of the above design updates do you think would most appeal to your own pampered pooch? How about you? Would you like to try your hand at setting up your own doggy treat shop or perhaps you’d like to protect your carpets by installing a washroom or grooming salon?

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