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Dog Friendly – Pure Pet Food, Healthy Choices Made Easy

We all want is best for our animals, and that starts with their nutrition. It can have such a massive impact on both their health and behaviour, but there are so many options on the market now. How do you choose? I have written about nutrition for dogs before and touched on the Pure Pet Food, I thought it deserved a separate post and a thorough test on my fussy Collie.

Pure Pet Food is a naturally dehydrated dog food designed to retain the nutrients of fresh food, in a longer lasting form. It was the brainchild of friends Dan and Matt, who wanted to create something different to the low quality, high processed biscuit form food that seems to dominate the dog food market.

The food is not like any other dog food I have seen on the market. A 500 gram box contains powdered food and a scoop which, when rehydrated, makes 2 kg of food meaning it is really easy to store and lasts for a long time. It is perfect for travelling with your pooch and ideal if your dog is usually fed a raw diet. It isn’t anything exciting to look at, literally a powder with bits of dehydrated vegetables and meaty chunks that needs water adding.

Ferguson seems to like the smell once the water is added and stands right next to my feet waiting for it to be ready. It isn’t the easiest to prepare and the powder can take a fair bit of mixing to get it right, it also takes a bit of time to rehydrate ready to be eaten.

Because Ferguson is as impatient as me, I literally serve it up shortly after it is all mixed. For this reason it looks really runny and liquid but, if you leave it longer, it does ‘set’ into a more realistic looking meal. Ferguson actually prefers it this way and loves to lap up the meaty liquid and then eat the food a few hours later.

I’ll be honest, it isn’t Ferguson’s favourite food and he does leave it for a while before going back to it when he realises he isn’t getting his favourite raw option. But as the human serving up the food, it is cleaner, more ethical and a lot easier when we are out and about around the UK. I always have a box in the cupboard should we need it and I am safe in the knowledge that he is still getting all the nutrients he needs in his diet.

You can buy lots of different flavours from Turkey Terrific to Duck Delight. We have only tried the two chicken options but I’ll definitely be looking out for the other options. You can buy online and prices start at £10.99 for a 500 gram trial pack.

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