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Dog Friendly – Nutrition Consultations At Barkers Of Wilmslow

When I have had dogs in the past their food routine has been fairly straight forward, dry dog food has always been the answer and I had no problems in the past. That is until I brought Ferguson home and, let’s just say, things were explosive in the bowel department. After trying numerous brands of wet and dry food I took desperate measures and started him on a raw food diet. He has thrived on it; his coat is shiny, his teeth as white as can be and the bowel issues have completely gone. It is a controversial diet and many vets or food suppliers frown on it in general. So when Barkers of Wilmslow invited Ferguson for a health and nutrition check I was a little apprehensive as to what they would think about his raw diet.

Barkers of Wilmslow is full of goodies for your favourite furry friends. From luxury beds to interactive toys, they have got everything to keep your dog happy and healthy.

There are interactive games for your dog to test out whilst in store including a mini ball pit with treats for your dog to find. The stimulation from these games and all the smells should see even the smartest of pups tired out after a busy few hours shopping!

At the back of the shop is a dog spa where your pooch can have a luxurious pamper and a huge food shopping area which is where we met Sophie to talk all things nutrition and the dreaded raw diet conversation. I really shouldn’t have worried because there is a large fridge at the rear of the store with a number of different raw food options so the minute I saw this, I knew we were going to be lifelong customers of Barkers. I explained Ferguson’s diet, his exercise routine and his patterns before Sophie talked me through the different types of food available at Barkers and her recommendations for Ferguson.

Nutriment is a food I had seen before and certainly one that I will continue to buy for Ferguson. It is a frozen raw variety with added vegetables and vitamins to keep your dog healthy. A raw diet really suits Ferguson and he wolfed his sample of Nutriment within minutes, so much so that he got hiccups!

We were also recommended some raw alternatives in the form of freeze dried food. Whilst this isn’t something I would use on a daily basis it is great for those moments when you forget to fill the freezer or are away from home without access to one. Perfect for doggy travellers and feeding on the go! Ferguson loved Country Hunter which comes in freeze dried chunks. It isn’t strictly a raw diet as it does contain some cereals but I haven’t noticed any adverse effects when Ferguson has it. He was less keen on Pure which is a powdered freeze dried formula that you rehydrate with warm water. It looks disgusting and Ferguson turned his nose up at it for a while but soon polished it off! The good thing about Pure is that a 2kg box when rehydrated provides 8kg of food so it is a great space saver.

After cuddles with all the staff and lots of bum sniffing from the beautiful resident Sheltie Primrose, Ferguson left with a full write up of recommendations in terms of his nutrition and some discount vouchers should he wish to try more. The service is free and a great way to have a discussion about your pet from someone other than the vet.

Ferguson chose some sow ears as a treat and I left with a very tired but happy pooch who had cost me a small fortune. We can’t wait to go back and stock up on treats, Ferguson loves being able to shop for himself!

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