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Dog Friendly

Dog Friendly – Keeping Fit With Your Dog With The Help Of PitPat

Having a dog is the perfect way to keep fit, for many different reasons. Having piled on the weight recently, the idea of going to the gym fills me with dread. Not only am I not confident, I know I don’t have the stamina that I used to, although I am keen to build it back up to a good level again. Having a dog, and an active dog at that, means I don’t really have a choice as to whether I want to go for a walk. If I don’t, he doesn’t get the exercise he needs either which, is not only unhealthy for him, but also means he can become destructive! More Than¬†encourage dog owners to keep their pets healthy and kindly sent us the perfect accessory to do just that.

PitPat is an activity tracker, similar to a pedometer, for your dog! It tracks their activity but also calculates their stats, depending on their age, breed and weight, to work out the perfect amount of exercise your dog needs.

The discreet online pharmacy cymbalta tracker has velcro straps to secure it to most collars and, all you need to do, is download the app and press the red button to sync their activity to your phone. Not surprisingly, Ferguson needs a lot of exercise and the app recommends he has 90 minutes of activity each day. That is also 90 minutes that I can be pounding the streets and building my fitness levels ready to head back into the gym.

We love nothing more than walking around our local country parks and often go further afield to find new spots to explore.

He is loving all the new sights and smells that going to a new place brings and I am enjoying getting back out into nature in my walking boots, and clocking up the steps on my on FitBit. He is encouraging me to walk further and further each day which is helping to keep us both healthy, who knew having a dog would motivate me to get back into the gym?

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